Wi-Fi signal name and password questions

1. What is the default password? What password should we enter?

The default password is as follows: 88888888

2. How to rename a Wi-Fi signal? That is, how do we change the Wi-Fi identification name to something else?

a. Connect the LED symbol to your mobile phone to run the program.

b. Run the desired application on your mobile phone and wait.

c. Go to the Devices settings, now it is time to tap on the Wi-Fi option.

d. The password you need is 888.

e. Important Note: When changing the username or password of the application, note that the password you choose and write must include a variety of letters and numbers.

3. How to easily change Wi-Fi password?

The answer to this question is explained in the answer section to the previous question.

4. How can we change the password again easily?

Note that not changing the device’s default password can be dangerous and easily accessible to others. So try to change the default password of the device or application. You can do the following steps to change your password again:

a. First you need to open the back door of the panel and try to do it carefully.

Note: Note that there are two models of frame or door, which include 3 and 1/2 inches, as well as 2 inches.

It is necessary to note that to open the back door of 3 and 1/2 inch models, you must open all the back screws, but to open the 2-inch door, this is not necessary; it is enough to just open the top and bottom screws to work. Go well.

b. Be sure to note that you must find the program control board to be able to go to the next step. It is good to know that a board is installed to control the device, which is often attached to it with a white ribbon.

c. Now you need to disconnect the signal from the power supply.

d. At this stage, be sure to pay enough attention to the fact that you must press the reset button and hold for a few moments and now connect the symbol . After 5 seconds of being in this state, it is time to let go. If you do not find the reset button, it is better to know that this button, which is related to the device settings, is often placed in the various branches of the ribbon cable and is usually white in color and also has a rectangular shape.

e. At this stage, it is necessary to use a mobile phone to test the device’s Wi-Fi waves. Note that the default name of the device is HD, so connect to it. In addition, this signal is usually both open and without the need for a password.

f. To increase the security of the device and the application, be sure to change the username and password of the device at this stage.

5. What should we do if there is no Wi-Fi signal?

It may also happen to you that when you turn on the Wi-Fi option on your mobile phone, you will find several Wi-Fi signals, so it is good to know that the Wi-Fi name of your device may be one of the following:

· W60

· W62

· W60-75

· D10 / D15

· D30 / D35

· C10 / C15

Special Note = the default device password is usually one of the following:

88888888 or pro88888

Important Note = If your mobile phone does not receive any signal, you need to turn off the device and unplug it for a few minutes (between 5 and 10 minutes) and then turn it on again. Sometimes you may need to check the device’s Wi-Fi with another mobile phone.

If you still do not receive the signal, your device is probably in “Station Mode” or unfortunately damaged.

Explain the details of “Station mode”

In this case, the device does not emit any Wi-Fi signal, but instead displays the bridge or bridge symbol on your device.

Explain the details of the “broken” mode

If you feel that the device is broken or has a serious problem, it is better to contact us as soon as possible (contact numbers are available on our website). After calling and making sure the device is broken, a new device will be provided to you customers. In this case, you can also get help from another method such as usb.

More details in this regard are provided to you users in the instructions section.

Loss of USB files / startup of a new computer by you

1. How can we get the original files on USB? (USB is missing or files are deleted)

Please provide the following information to us after contacting us:

1. Announce the order ID

2. Specify where you bought in (store, Amazon, eBay, etc.).

3. Take a close-up of the front of the sign (showing LED bulbs) then email us, our representative will follow up and then send the file package to your address to retrieve the application.

2. How to set up a new computer?

Please follow the digital instructions (video or PDF) on USB to set up on the new computer. If you do not find the instructions, be sure to do the same with question 1.

Display issues that may have occurred for your device

Issues: Random patterns or lines on the device / Incorrect colors of the device / incomplete letters of the device / Duplicate letters, etc. on it.

Reason: I did not use the template file correctly, which caused it to crash.

What is the solution now?

1. Install the software (HD2016 / HD2018 / HDPlayer) on your computer and Windows and then run it.

2. Click “File” and then “Open”, in the window that opens, select the template screen file located on USB and go to the next step.

3. Now you need to delete the previous wrong page

4. Edit the messages to make it work well.

5. Mark applications wirelessly or USB.PS: If the page file was overwritten, please send an email with your order ID to our company email. After these steps, we will send you the template file.

The symbol turns off at the wrong time and this setting is disturbed

At this time you need to reset the clock:

Please follow the steps below

The first solution:

1. Mark the Wi-Fi connection

2. Open and run the app.

3. Click “Devices” – “Time” then “OK”.

Check the timer switch and make sure it is correct.

The second solution:

1. Mark the Wi-Fi connection

2. Open and run the app

3. Click on “Devices” – “Time Switch” – “Enable”.

4. Set the on and off time to your liking

5. Click OK.

What is the difference between neon and LED signs?

Glass and LED neon signs are day and night level different. LED neon signs are more affordable, fabricated out of durable material, much safer to handle and will run on lower power inputs compared to old school glass neon lights. So at a glance, you can comprehend how LED neon signs are at win.

How do you make an LED light sign?

This will depend on how you’ll want your LED neon sign to appear. Based on your request, the provider will adjust and customize neon LED tube lights into the preferred shape. Next, the lights are secured on acrylic backings via flex wires. You can request for the backing to be trimmed according to the neon light shape, or mount it as is.

How to you make LED words?

There are a couple methods of carrying this out. The designed word can be scratched out, printed or engraved onto the backing material and then secured in place. Neon LED tube lights are 

How do you program a scrolling LED sign remote?

LED signs are presented in stationary and scrolling forms. The sign can be remote controlled with a wireless keyboard. Depending on the type of your sign, you’ll be able to use pre-programmed animations or design your words and implement effects of your choice.

Are neon LED signs battery powered, or should they be plugged in?

The majority of adjustable neon LED signs come with an electrical cord connected to an adapter in order to be plugged in. Although, certain types of neon LED signs are battery powered. It’s up to you to make the choice.

What are LED signs called?

Generally, neon LED signs are simply known as LED signs or customizable LED lights in the market.

How many colors are available?

Our neon LED signs come in white, plus hues of red, yellow, green, blue, pink and more.

How long will neon LED signs last?

If maintained properly and taken good care of, our neon LED signs will last for over a decade.

Where can I use LED signs?

The neon LED signs provided by Citylights group are waterproof and highly durable. This makes them appropriate for exterior and/or interior usage.

What are the backings made of?

The general materials used for backings consist of acrylic boards. You can order matte or transparent material based on your preference.

Can I order a custom design?

Of course! If you haven’t got a particular design in mind, we can offer to make the design for you. If you’re happy with the design, we will proceed.

What is an example of signage?

The signage is like visual graphics that are used on billboards the main target of Signage is to spread information that is so important to the public. So, we have lots of Signage that are usable in many fields. We have signage like Digital signage and outdoor signage and informational signage and persuasive signage and we have also Compliant and the widow and pylon signage.
All the signage that you need is based on the activities that you are doing in your business activity, if you need Signage you can figure out which one is suitable for you.

Are LED signs worth it?

Yes, because as you know LED signs are tools that help you to advertise the name of your brand professionally so it is also electronic but they can save about 80 percent of energy on the light, so you can use them very easily to help the structure of your business field. And this toll is so cheap because you can order it to place Infront of your store, so it can also advertise the products that you have in your store.
If you want to improve the structure of your business activity you can use LED signs which would be worth it for your business.


How long do LED signs last?

LED signs are the best tool for us to advertise our business activities and also we can use LED signs for advertising the new products that we have in our supermarket or our store. So the LED signs also have a life span. The main time for the usability of LED signs is 100 thousand hours also it can last till 10 to 11 years.
The main thing that you need to understand about LED signs is to advertise the whole Bunch of products through LED so you can have lots of customers just By using LED signs.

How much does it cost to make an LED sign?

As you may know, LED signs are some tools that you can use for your business structure. The LED signs are in the format outdoors so everybody can see the activities that you are doing for your business structures.
The LED signs also of NEON on themselves, so if you want to know about the range of the cost of LED signs, we have to tell you that it starts from 15 thousand till 50 thousand, which is also related to an Appropriate LED signs and you can use it properly for your business structure.

1. What is the default password for fkshow wifi ? What password should we enter?

The default password is as follows: 88888888

fkshow password :88888888