Retractable Banners

Retractable Banners


Roll-up stand, roll-up stand, exhibition roll-up are other names of this beautiful and practical stand. Collapsible banners with beautiful solitaire printing will increase the audience and customer in the trade show. Are you looking to buy a small, lightweight, easy to install, replaceable and portable poster? Buying a lightweight, compact, portable roll-up with easy installation is a great way to display your ads and brand. Cheap sale of cheap roll-up stands in different sizes and different materials, along with a beautiful and attractive print in Stand. Roll-up 80 * 200, roll-up 85 * 200, roll-up 90 * 200, roll-up 120 * 200, roll-up 150 * 200 and roll-up 200 * 200 cm can be ordered. An effective promotional roll-up with a large graphic screen, collapsible in an aluminum housing.

Suitable for all types of banners, plot laminates, solitaire and other flexible posters in different sizes, sizes and prices are produced and offered. The base color of the roll-up is mostly silver, which can be combined with any color and background (it has a neutral color). It has a canvas bag for easy transportation. Roll-up is a series of versatile equipment. It has a reasonable price. It is very simple to install and is of interest to visitors and marketers. Roll-up ads can be seen everywhere. Conferences, seminars, trade shows, department stores are part of the roll-up application.

Do your brand and brand advertising messages stay with customers for a long time? Have we been able to make our ads effective and prominent among our competitors? The graphic design of the roll-up stand can double the effectiveness of advertising. The base of roll-up exhibition stands with a poster collector inside, cheap price, easy installation of a unique exhibition stand.

The beauty of the roll-up stand is that the advertising poster is rolled inside the stand. Very easy to carry (dimensions collected for a roll-up stand 200 * 80: 10 * 10 * 85 cm and weight about 2 to 4 kg) Easy installation and assembly with a replaceable graphic poster are all parameters Which is a basic need in an advertising campaign and sales promotion and exhibition.

To set up a roll-up, one performs the installation without any tools. This is how to install a roll-up stand. Remove the three-piece cane rod that is connected with the elastic from the slot in the back of the chamber and make it into a piece. Place the end of the rod in the hole behind the roll-up. Pull the head out of the chamber and mount it on the bar, then make the roll-up stand and rotate the bases below it 90 degrees.

Due to the fact that the advertising poster is inside the frame, the time of moving and carrying it will not be damaged, and thus the lifespan of the poster will be much longer. Roll-ups are produced and manufactured in different types in terms of material and selling price . Types of roll-up stands 1- One-sided fixed roll-up stand 2- Two-sided fixed roll-up 3- Fixed roll-up pendant 4- Rotating roll-up roll 5- Ground roll-up ellipse 6- Wide base oval roll-up 7- Desktop roll-up

Roll-up stand can be used in three heights. It is shown in the figure below and if you want in height other than the size of the shape, we will prepare it for you. Roll-up base paint is produced in two colors, black and silver. These colors can be set up with any graphic design of the base poster. For long-term use and longer life, avoid placing the stand in direct sunlight or in places with extreme heat. When not using the base, collect it and store it in a dry place.

The roll-up stand is the smallest exhibition stand with a good advertising level. Due to its light weight and small size, easy installation is the best option for marketers who are always on the go.


Roll-up stand is ideal for introducing goods and services in trade shows, conferences, hotel lobbies, stores. Roll-up is actually a folding stand with a large graphical surface. The roll-up collects the printed banner and protects it from environmental factors such as scratches, abrasion, or tearing. This makes it easy to transport and reduces the volume of the roll-up, and when used, it is enough to pull the print holder head out and out and install it on the base of three stick-shaped pieces.


Roll-up stand design || Roll-up design

Roll-up is a very important stand for any company that intends to set up a booth. Having a proper design with useful product or service information is important. Roll-up is one of the most important tools that you should have when participating in the exhibition.


You can use them in crowded places.

So it’s incredibly important to get the right design and the right amount of information on the roll-up.

For the effectiveness of stand-up ads, pay attention to the following points:


  1. The company logo and logo should be located at the highest point of the roll-up. Because this is the first point that viewers pay attention to.


  1. Always use very high quality images in roll-up design.


  1. If you want to use ready-made images, it is better that your file format is CMYK. It is better to avoid using RGB format. Also consider the working resolution to be 100.


  1. Colors can help you look better in a trade show. Choose the right combination of colors to get the best result. For example, black and gray are colors used for industrial work, while light colors such as yellow or red are more commonly used to attract attention.


  1. Choose the font size and font type so that it is easy to read and beautiful.


  1. Harmony and beauty are very important in roll-up design. If you want customers to connect with your brand and buy your products, you need a beautiful and attractive design.


The price of the roll-up exhibition stand varies according to the type of roll-up and the type of printing material. The price of a foreign roll-up stand is expensive due to the high price of the currency and is not affordable. The price of Iranian roll-up stand with high quality stand and ideal printing is available and can be prepared in the shortest possible time as a force. If you are looking for cheap roll-ups with good quality printing, contact us. Our materials (media) that are used for roll-up stand are: eco salon printing, printing, plot and laminate printing, PP printing, canvas printing. The price of each of these prints is different. If you want printing resistant to UV rays and environmental factors such as rain and humidity, rupture, etc., we recommend solitaire printing. PP printing is very poor in light and moisture due to being indoor and is not recommended for roll-up purchases. Ask us to buy a roll-up at a cheap and affordable price and at the same time suitable quality with a guarantee. Buy an exhibition roll-up from us is one hundred percent in your favor. We are not just a roll-up seller. Roll-up printing services, roll-up printing replacement and even roll-up structure repair are our services. Sell ​​roll-ups at incredible prices.


Types of roll-ups

The roll-up stands that are produced and offered are as follows:

One-way fixed roll-up, two-way fixed roll-up, one-way revolving roll-up, two-way motorized roll-up, Iranian roll-up, foreign roll-up, imported roll-up (Chinese roll-up), sale of various types of desktop roll-up, roll-up One sided hanger, double sided roll up, wide base roll up, oval roll up, silver roll up, silver roll up, single base roll up, double base roll up, black roll up


Replacement of roll-up printing

One of the best advantages of the roll-up stand is the ability to change the print of this popular stand. Our recommendation is to leave the printing and replacement of the roll-up banner to us. Roll-up printing installation is free. If you want to change the roll-up print yourself, do the following steps carefully.

Print the roll-up stand out of the stand compartment and pull it out to the end.

Insert the special pin in the hole next to the body of the roll-up stand so that the print does not move anymore.

The print is mounted on the structure by double-sided adhesive. You must remove it.

Also remove the print from the top cap.

Double sided adhesives on the structure and the top head must be replaced.

Glue the upper part of the printing on the head and the lower part of the print on the base of the roll-up.

Now hold the print straight and remove the retaining pin next to the structure.

Gently push the print down to collect it in the compartment by roll-up.


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