programmable led sign

programmable led sign

Wireless switchboard programming


What is an LED panel?

Get acquainted (gain, obtain) with present-day techniques that came from Dynamic Advertising. The LED panel is programmable and is designed to withstand atmospheric elements such as rain, snow and even strong sunlight. (The following guide is prepared to increase your information before ordering the LED panel and helps you to get acquainted with the valuation and price of the LED panel.)


Advantages of LED panels

The LED dashboard displays images and text messages for a long time, allowing you to change your message frequently. You will no longer have to pay extra to replace the panel parts, change the letters and install the cost. Thanks to the LED dashboard, you can easily generate traffic in the open air and draw people to your business. Also, using an indoor LED panel gives you the opportunity to provide a better experience for customers.

The inclusion of vibrant LED displays and ever-evolving technology is impressive. LED billboards are a very effective marketing medium for businesses or organizations such as religious centers and banks. The added value of ultra-bright LEDs makes your billboards visible even in bright sunlight. As a result, it takes your message from day to night and back again.


Consumables for ordering LED panels

Banking. Restaurant. retail. Bus terminal, train station and airport. gas station. Health centers. Stadium and gym. Shops, malls and arcades. There are exhibitions and که businesses that can grow a lot by ordering LED.

Color media is no stranger to digital billboards to help businesses communicate and convey their messages to customers. Tell us what you are looking for and we will work with you to create custom signs that match your specifications.

We accompany you from start to finish so you can focus on the important things about your business or organization.

From the beginning of the market, there have been various methods for planning them, such as connecting to a computer, connecting a keyboard to a panel, and programming with flash memory, but all of these are valuable in their place, and today we introduce a new method that It’s easier to program the flow chart.


Wireless method with TV control or with special rhythms

For example, suppose you have a billboard installed on top of a shop or wherever it is difficult to access, and you also like to change your billboard schedule every week. The previous methods can be used, but they will not be very interesting, but with a remote control that also has a password, it will be easier for anyone who does not change it…


What are the benefits of a flow chart?

Flowing LED panel like city TV can be played in all your favorite colors.

The psychology of colors in advertising is very important considering the type of business.

But red, green, white and blue colors are mostly used in making smooth paintings.

There is no need to use high voltage to run smooth relief panels due to the use of LED modules.

Ability to program as desired and create graphic images, video displays and attractive text with your favorite colors.

Outdoor flowing billboards are completely waterproof and can be installed in open environments.

Ability to replace the file in the LED board memory and reprogram


Controller board

A type of microcontroller is used in the construction of the flow panel, which is called the control board of the panel. When choosing a controller board, you should pay attention to issues such as the color of the LED module (monochrome or full color LED module) that is used to make the flow board, as well as the size of the flow board. Each controller can support a certain number of modules depending on its design, and will have a different output (ie image playback capability).


Sealing washer

Sealing washers are used in waterproof fluid panels. To prevent water from penetrating into the panel. Of course, not all panels use a sealing module. Because many manufacturers of waterproof fluid panels fill the gap between the panel and the modules with a special type of glue. To prevent water from entering the panel.



Flowchart modules are made up of pixels. Each pixel has one LED lamp in monochrome modules, two LEDs in dual modules and four LEDs in full color modules. If you want your billboards to have better quality. It is better that the pixels are closer to each other. Because the closer the pixels are to each other. More pixels can be placed on the board, and the image will be of better quality.


Flow panel module

First you will need a module to build an LED panel. Modules are components, the surface of which is covered by small LED lamps. These modules should be put together regularly according to the design to be displayed. Whenever one of the modules has a problem. It can be detached from the panel, and replaced with another module.


Power supply switchboard

The power supply is one of the vital components for the operation of the flow board. So that the performance of other components depends on the power supply. The power supply to the circuit board is responsible for converting alternating voltage to direct voltage, thus supplying the required electrical current to the controller board. Transmits the power supply to the modules, so that the bulbs turn on, and the modules start working. Power supply is also known as power. Switches, which have a large current, are often used for power supplies. The current passing through the panel must be more than 5 watts, for the modules to work properly. In a panel, any number of modules are used. We will need the same number of power supplies.


Adjust the LED panel

A small black screen is displayed, which is a preview of your flow chart.

In this window, in the width field, enter the width of your flowchart in pixels (the number of LEDs in the width of the flowchart) and in the Height field, enter the height of the flowchart in pixels.

If your panel is made with P10 module, you can enter the length and width of the panel in centimeters instead of pixels.

In the Device Type section, select the type of board of the flow board, for example, D10. (Here we have selected the D10 board with a size of 96 pixels wide and 48 pixels high). Our panel here is a full color panel with P10 module and D10 board and size 106 by 58 cm of Ideal ID company.


What should be considered to buy the best mental picture?

Choose the right size.

Being full color in small dimensions is not very attractive.

Pay attention to the color and transparency of the module LEDs when off. If the LED is dim, it may not have a good chipset module.

Choose the density and quality of the image according to the display content and the distance of the audience.

In case of outdoor installation, it is better to pay attention to the waterproofness of the module.

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