single color programable LED sign

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single color programable LED sign, a great tool to attract customers into your store. The LED display offers a variety of viewing effects to choose from, such as scrolling, flashing, static displaying, text to the left, text to the right, and so on

single-color, high-brightness outdoor LED message center, customized size, ideal for outdoor advertising.

In different colors: Red/Green/White/Blue

The electronic message displays(single color programable LED sign) can show any combination of video, graphics, and text to attract attention and impulse purchases. Our LED displays are the brightest available which means that can compete with the old signs into the future
single-color, high-brightness outdoor LED message center, customized size, ideal for outdoor advertising.

technival specification:

Outdoor P10- single color programable LED sign

Pixel Pitch


Pixel Density(dots/sqm)


Module Size(mm)


Module Resolution(dots)




Brightness( cd/sqm)


Scan Mode


Cabinet Size(mm)

Customized  Size

Average Power Consumption(W)



AC220v/50Hz Ac110v/60Hz

Protection Level



100000 Hours

Refresh Rate

LED screen refresh frame frequency recommended is no less than 1920HZ(recommended)

Horizontal/Vertical View Angle(degree)


Effective Communication Distance(without relay)

Unshielded twisted-pair (UTP) net line transmission distance is 100 meters, max transmission distance 130 meters

Features:(single color programable LED sign)
1) super flatness& uniformity, large view angle, high brightness;
2) long visual distance, the screen can be viewed in a faraway space for the down area;
3) screen can work under very strong sunlight;
4) outdoor standard cabinet applied with strong humidity resistance ability as well as corrosion resistance ability; cabinet still works in good condition under all kinds of bad weather; strong durability;
5) wide application usage, high IP grade, cost-effective, customers can enjoy high-quality visual effect with favorable price, greatly lower investment cost;

LED-Display-single color-digital signage-digital display-outdoor LED display-PROGRAMMABLE LED SIGN-

Monochrome LED Sign Board(single color programable LED sign)

is a flat panel display that uses an array of light-emitting diodes as pixels for a video display. Their brightness allows them to be used outdoors where they are visible in the sun for store signs and billboards. (LED-Display-single color-digital signage-digital display-outdoor LED display) In recent years, they have also become commonly used in destination signs on public transport vehicles, as well as variable-message signs on highways.LED displays can offer higher contrast ratios than a projector and are thus an alternative to traditional projection screens, and they can be used for large, uninterrupted video walls.LED signs have been used by different companies in a variety of industries to attract customers and strengthen their brand. When put in a high traffic, high exposure area, an outdoor LED sign is proven to have the highest marketing Return on Investment; and they are easy to use. LED signs are proven to increase any business’s visibility by 100%.The single color programable LED sign offers organizations a product that will attract more business than a manual changeable copy board. Users control the text-based display from a Wi-Fi ready mobile device using a web browser.Traditional changeable copy boards can be difficult to update, especially in bad weather, so messages often aren’t as current as they should be. This restricts content to messages that are typically more generic.


High Brightness P10 Red Color Semi-Outdoor and indoor LED Moving Sign (Programmable)
P10 White Color Semi-Outdoor LED Moving Sign
Bus LED Display Screen (Front, Waist, Rear, Inside)
The first usable LED display:

was developed by Hewlett-Packard (HP) and introduced in 1968. It was the result of research and development (R&D) on practical LED technology between 1962 and 1968, by a research team under Howard C. Borden, Gerald P. Pighini, and Mohamed M. Atalla, at HP Associates and HP Labs. In February 1969, they introduced the HP Model 5082-7000 Numeric Indicator.

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    This sign is very bright and works as described. Beautiful and works well. Programming requires a learning curve but not impossible!

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