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Real estate signs can make it possible to distinguish you from your competitors, but also to illustrate your communication skills. Consequently, your commercial operation will be more efficient if your panels are different from those of your colleagues. Here are some concrete tips:

  •   Use agency colors.
  •   Play on strong contrasts.
  •   Highlight the URL of the website.
  •   Ensure long distance readability.
  •   Humanize the support with a photo of the negotiator.
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real estate signs

Real estate signs has always been an essential communication tool for transaction professionals. It is in order to help you seize all the opportunities offered by this advertising medium that we offer you this article.

What is real estate signs used for?

The main purpose of a real estate billboard is to increase the visibility of your properties available for sale or rental. Thus, it allows to give a feeling of closeness with the people living around.

In addition, only people really interested in the location and floor of the property will seek to contact you. This is therefore a significant time saver and facilitates word-of-mouth. Beyond this aspect, they also improve the notoriety of your agency.

There are four types of real estate signs panel:

  •   For sale.
  •   For rent.
  •   Sold.
  •   In construction.

Tips for efficient panels

The use of real estate signs can make it possible to distinguish you from your competitors, but also to illustrate your communication skills. Consequently, your commercial operation will be more efficient if your panels are different from those of your colleagues. Here are some concrete tips:

  •   Use agency colors.
  •   Play on strong contrasts.
  •   Highlight the URL of the website.
  •   Ensure long distance readability.
  •   Humanize the support with a photo of the negotiator.

Moreover, these suggestions also apply to the window of your premises, but also to the fleet of vehicles of the agency.

Choosing the right formats

The format of the support is no longer limited to the standard rectangle of 80x60cm. Agencies wishing to stand out and be more visible can now choose round or even house-shaped shapes.

Some sites offer innovative formats such as flexible real estate signs that are inexpensive and easily transportable. They are also available in color or with more specific formats such as “V-shaped panels” (Parisian style), which are visible from two different angles. The latter are a particularly relevant choice to communicate on a property located in a narrow street for example.

The choice of materials and thickness of real estate signs

Real estate signs are most often made of alveolar polypropylene (known as akilux). This material is recognized for its lightness, its resistance and its practical biodegradable side. It is also preferable to make the right choices in terms of thickness. For example, three millimeter panels (known as “economic”) will be used if you intend to sell a property quickly, in less than six months.

The 3.5mm format is most often used because of its price/performance ratio. It is favored by a large number of commercial agents and real estate agents. This panel has a lifespan of one to two years, which allows it to maintain bright and long-lasting colors over time.

While, the 4.5 and 10 mm thick panels are acclaimed for their great resistance to bad weather. Which is useful for promoting a building that will remain vacant for many years. These thick formats are often used for construction work.

Other types of real estate signs

Construction signs are an effective way to promote a building under construction, as well as the company responsible for promoting it. As these substrates are strongly subject to bad weather and construction work takes time, it will be essential to choose the 10 mm format, which is a thick and resistant panel.

Window decoration adhesive films, usually made of vinyl, are applied to shop windows in order to attract the attention of passers-by. Essentially used to highlight temporary promotions, the adhesive film is also very effective in drawing attention to commercial premises or a business available for rent or sale.

Finally, tarpaulins are an interesting alternative to akilux panels. Of all sizes, they effectively resist bad weather, are easy to install and transport. This support is ideal for real estate agents who travel a lot.

Where can you find your real estate signs ?

The most common solution to obtain your panels is to use service providers on the internet. These brands specializing in printing have continued to diversify their offers and formats over the years.

Everything you need to know about real estate signs!

An essential communication tool for real estate professionals, it energizes and provides visibility on properties for sale or for rent. Initially designed to attract as many potential buyers as possible, it has become a very good marketing tool… Today we are talking about the real estate signs!

Real estate signs : what is it for?

In order to increase the visibility of your properties available on the market, the real estate sign is the TOOL that will allow you to bring visibility to your agency. It also helps to give a feeling of proximity to passers-by and potential buyers who will identify you more quickly.

Despite what we think, the real estate signs are a real marketing tool thanks to which you can communicate in a sustainable way over time!

A few tips for creating your panels…

Effective in distinguishing you from your competitors, the real estate panel allows you to illustrate your communication assets through the choice of its shape, color and design in general.

Here are some tips for creating your panels:

  •   Keep your graphic charter to be easily identifiable
  •   Highlight the contact details of your agency, as well as the address of your website
  •   Adapt the size of the text so that it is readable from a long distance
  •   Choose an appropriate format

A new trend is standing out right now and seems to be very popular! Indeed, more and more real estate signs proudly display the photo of the real estate agent or the boss of the agency. The objective of this new communication technique is to allow users to put a face to the actor in charge of the project. It is a subtle way to humanize the sign and thus mark the minds of potential buyers more quickly.

To sum up, do not neglect the aesthetics of the panel because it will be seen by a large number of people!

And what about regulations?

The real estate panel is considered as billboard advertising and French legislation is very strict on this subject. Depending on the municipality, the regulations may change. Take for example the city of Paris which for several years no longer authorizes the display of “sold” or “for rent” signs. The display of real estate signs is not always authorized! To do this, we advise you to contact your town hall to ensure that the display of panels is authorized.

The co-ownership regulations also deal with this subject. Do not hesitate to contact the general assembly and the owner of the building to obtain authorization to display.

How are they designed?

Real estate panels are created using alveolar polypropylene, also called “AKILUX”. The material used allows them to be resistant, light and biodegradable at the same time.

The standard format of a panel corresponds to 80 x 60 cm, but it is now possible to choose more original shapes that will differentiate you from your colleagues. We advise you to favor flexible panels that are easy to transport and pleasant for their handling.

For what price?

On average, the unit price of a panel can vary from $8 to $46 excluding tax.

In most cases, suppliers will lower the unit cost of the panel if you order them in large quantities. We therefore advise you to order several to obtain a much more advantageous price.

Do not hesitate to go to the Toolbox of your software! We provide you with real estate panels at the unbeatable unit price of $4.54, even for very small quantities!

The real estate panel is an additional opportunity to communicate about your agency. A qualitative panel in an attractive design will only catch the eye of potential customers! This is an opportunity for you to gain notoriety and sell your goods more quickly.

What material is the design of the real estate signs made of?

Every type of business needs publicity and promotion to thrive. Real estate is one of those businesses where business is important. That’s why real estate agents tend to introduce themselves to the client in the best possible way. Real estate signage is one of the best ways to introduce to customers and audiences. These boards are designed with great care and elegance and can fulfill the wishes of the owners of the real estate agency well.

Important points in making real estate signs

There are several important points to consider when making real estate signs. The first point is related to the material of real estate signs. Property signs must be durable. Of course, suitable materials have been considered to provide this type of resistance. Keep in mind that these types of boards are constantly exposed to environmental factors and this issue can reduce their resistance. Therefore, choosing the right material for the real estate board is an important issue.

Real Estate signs

is one of the most recommended boards for real estate signs. These types of paintings are compatible with different tastes and there are few people who do not welcome this type of paintings. An important property of is the optical refraction that occurs when making a panel on a plexiglass. Refraction of light provides the conditions for the formation of different geometric shapes such as stars, diamonds and..

boards have a lot of advertising role and are therefore used for various businesses. These types of boards are offered in a great variety. For this reason, customers can benefit from various designs when ordering real estate boards. In fact, the sign is introduced all over the world as a shop sign or shop sign.

How to make a sign for real estate

To make a sign for real estate, letters are first designed. In fact, the type of this design is related to the design of real estate boards. This design is done with the help of panel making software. With the help of this software, all the features of these letters such as thickness, font and. Can be determined. The design of the selected real estate sign is lasered on Plexiglas. Plexiglas are very similar to glass but are actually made of plastic.

Once the design is cut, the design of the real estate sign should be drawn on the Plexiglas. All other steps such as arc, cutting, groove and… are also done with the help of panel maker or  machine.

Composite real estate signs

Real estate boards can be of composite type. Composite designs are known as composite designs. In the combination of these designs, aluminum and plastic materials can be seen. These types of designs have been formed with the aim of strengthening the panel. Therefore, they can provide the necessary durability for business owners for many years to come. At first glance, you might think that composite sheets are made of aluminum only. In fact, these sheets are in the middle layer of polyethylene.

Composite panel

Embossed letters are used to make composite paintings. These letters can be made of Plexiglas, steel and.. These letters are placed on a composite sheet and cut with different fonts. Composite real estate boards are introduced as durable advertising boards. These panels are suitable for exposure to water, moisture, dust, sunlight and….

Steel real estate signs

Steel panel can also be one of the proposed panels for real estate. Steel is one of the most durable and functional metals for implementing real estate sign design. Of course, these types of boards need a lot of care and time to build. In the manufacture of steel boards, durable steel sheets are selected as the background for letter cutting and laser. These metals require great care when cutting and making letters, and this increases the time of panel making.

Equipped machines are used to cut these letters. Steel can also have a good color variation. Steel panels also have good resistance to moisture, impact, pressure, scratches .

Plexiglas Real Estate signs

Plexiglas boards can also be suitable boards for real estate. These paintings are made of durable plastics and are very similar in appearance to glass. In fact, with these descriptions, these boards can be used both for beauty and for high resistance. Plexiglas panels are very cheap due to their plastic material and provide the necessary resistance against atmospheric factors, especially dust.

Note that to make a real estate sign, a material must be used that increases the strength of the structure. In fact, these types of structures are located in outer space. That’s why the issue of resilience is so important to them.

Thermowood real estate signs

Real estate boards can be made of thermowood. Thermowood has gone through all the necessary steps for reinforcement and is therefore recommended for panel construction. These types of boards create the necessary beauty for the business and form various shapes of embossed letters. In fact, woods have good flexibility and can be coordinated with the design of real estate boards. Thermowood wood is very resistant to other environmental factors such as pollutants, dust and atmospheric factors such as water, sunlight, wind, rain, frost and..

What should we do before ordering the right sign for real estate?

Before ordering real estate boards, you should seek the opinion of experts and specialists of boards and ask for their opinions. In this case, you can make the right and cost-effective choice.

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