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Neon LED Signs were introduced as glass tubes filled with neon or alternative gasses, which made them an expensive yet outstandingly attractive option. However, the fragile nature of glass and possible hazards of gas escape has always carried certain risks concerning public and environmental safety.

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Best Custom-Designed Neon LED Signs

It’s very unlikely for an all-time trending decorative item such as neon signs to run out of popularity. Neon signs have appeared on storefronts and luxurious billboards from the 1920s on and had people fancy them ever since. From business offices, public events, restaurants, beauty salons, and weddings to even bedroom decoration, neon LED signs have always been a much-appreciated choice for aesthetic decoration.

Neon signs were introduced as glass tubes filled with neon or alternative gasses, which made them an expensive yet outstandingly attractive option. However, the fragile nature of glass and possible hazards of gas escape have always carried certain risks concerning public and environmental safety.

However, the introduction of modern neon LED signs as customizable tube-style lights in adjustable sizes has eliminated the potential risks of glass tubes. The acquired material for brand new neon LED sign tubes is undeniably at win compared to their old-school glass counterparts. The new tubes are transparent, waterproof, and immune to breaking or cracking. And on top of all, they are not even half as expensive as glass tubes.

Neon LED signs bring more than just illumination both for indoor and outdoor spaces. These popular neon lights have become a popular means of adding creative and exquisite touches to wherever you desire. Decoration managers and popular culture designers have always considered neon LED signs as a reliable element of space aesthetics that just clicks with every environment and atmosphere one can set their mind on. With the vast diversity of neon LED signs and the different hues of light tunes and intensities, the glow can be adjusted to match the corresponding atmosphere.


Neon LED signs are considered a reliable, cost-effective, and gorgeous option for space decoration. It requires much less electricity compared to other decorative lighting devices. The magic lies right beneath the combination of LED and acrylic backings.

Citylight Group is a reliable supplier of neon LED signs. Choose your own design and make an order today! Neon LED signs are a highly recommended item for your exterior and interior space decoration. Awe your friends, colleagues, and clients with the admirable, glowing, state-of-the-art neon LED signs and automatically lift the attractive spirit of your desired space.


Best adjustable neon LED signs

Neon LED signs are a fabulous alternative to classic neon signs. The neon LED signs provided by Citylight Group are fabricated in flexible tube forms, holding LED lights together. The durable, transparent material acquired for the fabrication mimics glass tubes minus the fragility. The tubes are %100 adjustable into preferred shapes and sizes without the risk of breakage or environmental damage risks. There’s no limitation to the shapes and sizes of your design. Neon LED signs are adjusted and mounted on acrylic back support, so there’s absolute physical safety assurance to the sign. The power for customized neon LED signs is provided through certified power adapters. For further light intensity modification, remote-controlled dimming options are also provided.

Neon LED signs provided by the Citylight Group are available in various vibrant colors; you can order single or multicolored designs for your LED light device. Available hues include shades of red, green, yellow, blue, purple, pink, and plain white. The signs are remote-controlled for options such as dimming and flickering in

addition to turning on and off. You can easily control the intensity of neon LED sign lights according to the environmental conditions. The neon LED signs are equipped with standard 5-meter-long electrical cords plus the adaptors. The plugs will be provided to fit the available electrical inlets at your property.

Why would we recommend neon LED signs?

· Easily installed: Our neon LED signs at RGB Sign are mounted safely and firmly on acrylic backing with adequate support. You will not need to worry about the potential risks of damage once the sign is steadily mounted and secured in place.

· Durability: Neon LED signs are formed out of transparent, lightweight, and very durable yet flexible plastic tubes of fine quality. The material is waterproof and immune to degrees of physical pressure that will cause cracks in glass counterparts. Neon LED signs provided by Citylight Group will last and glow for years.

· Affordability: Neon LED signs are a lot cheaper compared to classic glass neon signs. The retention and maintenance of neon LED signs are also low-cost, so it wouldn’t cause financial concerns in the long run.

· High light quality: the transparent tubes for neon LED signs will allow for a soft, magnificent glow that definitely nails the job of creating a much-anticipated atmosphere.

· Energy efficiency: our brand new, much-loved neon LED signs require a lot less energy compared to other lighting options. They will last at least 60,000 hours of running on average.

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Where can you use neon LED signs?

Modern modifiable neon LED signs are so versatile when it comes to applications. Decoration managers and interior and exterior designers definitely have their absolutely sensible reasons for recommending or implementing various forms of neon LED signs in indoor or outdoor spaces. Here are a number of possible applications where neon LED signs would shine bright, illuminating the area with a gentle yet welcoming spark. Regarding where you’re planning to get, neon LED lights could be used to create almost any theme you can think of. From formal conventions, public areas, all kinds of events and ceremonies to private space decoration and even frisky indoor parties where everyone would love a dynamic vibe; neon LED signs are the Jack of All Trades of light and Decor settings!

· Advertisement: You bet the most popular application of modern neon LED signs is in terms of advertisement. Showcasing the brand names, letting them glow like anything and attracting the attention of passerby people and clients is definitely what you will be expecting of customized neon LED signs. Citylight Group will provide you with neon LED signs formed and secured in your preferred shapes, letters, and symbols. It takes enormous distraction for everyone to miss one glowing sign on a storefront or along the interior walls.

Investing in custom-designed, high-quality neon LED signs could also go a long way when you’re trying to win both a business competition and more clients. Neon LED signs would come in extra helpful if your business or office is located somewhere among dozens of competent trades. It’s a smart and fancy way of displaying your superiority in terms of respecting customers and the high-quality services you are ready to deliver.

· Giving Directions: You can take very good advantage of the neon LED signs attracting the viewer’s attention like a magnet. Neon LED signs are highly useful when it comes to showing people the correct

path around various spaces. This would be extra helpful for directing people through exhibitions, malls, large office buildings, and various public events. Neon LED signs can also be mounted to invite attention to both fronts. Let’s be honest, people would highly appreciate glowing, fancy neon LED signs guiding them toward where they intend to head.

· Space enlargement: Neon LED signs can be counted on in order to create an illusion of a larger space area. With bright corner neon LED lights aligned where the walls meet the ceiling, the room would look larger and higher than it actually is in practice.

· Aesthetical applications: Neon LED signs have been counted on as downright beautifying agents for public or private spaces ever since they were introduced. You’ll never miss the classic, stylish neon LED calligraphy on storefronts, public areas, and specifically the fancy beauty salons and high-class restaurants. With so many vibrant colors and an eye-catching, pleasant glow that can even flicker for more amazement, neon LED signs will never run out of trends when it comes to aesthetical designs. Home decorations have also welcomed neon LED signs as a delicate, sometimes eccentric touch that will welcome any viewer.


Different types of Neon LED Signs

There is hardly a limit to the versatility of neon LED signs provided by the Citylight Group. You can choose among various options provided, and make an order according to your preference. Consider what kind of products will deliver the exact atmosphere and spirit you’re seeking, and we will be honored to be at your service!

Here are several types of neon LED signs you can order.

· Neon LED Boxes: This is the perfect option if you’re planning to install neon LED signs on exterior spaces, particularly at public areas such as restaurants, official spaces, and salons. This type of neon sign is formed into your preferred shape, be it a symbol or custom text. Then the tubes are formed multiple times around the object of interest to create a box structure with a depth that enhances the glowing of LED lights and draws viewers’ attention.

· Neon Flex LED Signs: Just as obvious as it gets, flex neon LED signs are formed and secured via adjustable flex and mounted on acrylic backing. The supporting material could be matte black or transparent; it’s up to your choice. After the securing and mounting of LED lights is carried out, the backing can be trimmed to match the shape of your design.

· Tiny cuts may be made in the flex in order to give it enough flexibility. Therefore, you will be able to bend and adjust it however you deem it necessary. Neon Flex LED signs are very easy to hang or screw on the walls or other firm, supportive structures.

· Neon LED Signs on Prints: This method will be extra effective and handy when you are planning to install neon LED signs around the place for aesthetic purposes. The printed design will act as a guide for LED light installment. Your custom design can be printed out for the LED tube lights to be aligned along the lines.

· Printed neon LED signs are a magnificent way of decorating any space you desire with exquisite wall art. The color diversity of neon LED lights has made it fairly easy to choose and implement any preferred theme and atmosphere.

· Neon LED Mirror Box Signs: This option stands out remarkably among other possible applications of neon LED signs. Although the finalized product will appear minimalistic, the sense of elegance and

unicity will never cease to amaze. In order to prepare neon LED mirror boxes, the custom design is carved onto a mirror via laser devices.


How should neon LED signs be mounted?

Generally, neon LED signs are mounted on secure acrylic backing for main support. According to your preference and where you are planning to install the LED lights at, choices for mounting the sign vary from simply hanging the sign to directly screwing it onto a rigid surface. Make sure the surface is firm enough to support the sign perfectly and ensure absolute safety.

In order to carry out the mounting process as safely as possible and avoid damaging both the neon LED signs and your property, we recommend you consult the manufacturer for instructions. Installing services are also available to provide you with perfect customer experiences.


Bottom Line

With the brilliant and artistic glowing lights of neon LED signs, it’s almost impossible to miss them wherever they are; be it on exteriors or indoor spaces. Companies and trades have found neon signs a powerful attention initiator ever since such gorgeous lighting devices were introduced. However, there’s no reason for neon LED signs to be exclusively applied in official sections. Anywhere under the sun (or in the shadows, it’s lighting we’re talking about!) would look wonderful with a touch of custom-designed LED signs.

If you are interested in enhancing your space appeal via neon LED signs, all you need is to decide and place your order now at the Citylight Group services. Further consultation is available to ensure you the best experience with neon LED products. Shipping is carried out as soon as the order is set up, and the product will be delivered absolutely safe and ready to use!

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Each sign also has the option for backing to be trimmed in one of 2 ways – cut to shape or whole board.

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