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Light box sign is a translucent surface illuminated from behind, used for situations where a shape laid upon the surface needs to be seen with high contrast?


Backlit Signs 

Backlit Signs  are a uniquely effective way to brand and draw attention to your business. Great for under awnings in high-traffic areas, making you easy to find from the street or the road. Inside they can highlight your brand above counters and reception areas. Giving your brand a polished professional look.

Outdoor and indoor Backlit Signs shine a light on your signage, drawing attention to your branding and generating excitement about your message. You’ve spent money printing your signage, and so now you should do everything you can to highlight it and get noticed!

Backlit Signs  are the star of the show at many restaurants and bars, allowing passers by to read the menus and get excited about what’s on offer.

 When compared with earlier CCFL backlits, using LED for backliting offers

Wider color gamut  (with RGB-LED or QDEF)and dimming range
Very slim (some screens are less than 0.5 inches (13 mm) thin in edge-lit panels)
Significantly lighter and cooler, as much as half the total chassis and system weight of a comparable CCFL
Typically 20–30% lower power consumption and longer lifespan
More reliable.

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  1. Ali

    I love the fact that this allows for some newness as a decorative piece in the house.

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