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Professional metal stainless steel custom acrylic LED-backlit
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best Channel Letter Signs in Citylight Group For standard fonts and sizes, there is also the option of molded plastic letters. Channel letters are not just for the exterior of the building, they can be incorporated on the interior in a shopping mall or business lobby.Channel letters could be fabricated from 10" high minimum up to 120" high depending on the size of your letter there are different production processes, these letters are made using either 3", 4" and 6" depth aluminum coils, these coils could either be painted to the color of choice, stainless steel, brushed steel or chrome.

LED Channel Letters options

you can receive LED Channel Letters services from citylight group.

  • Frontlit channel letter sign
  • Front & Back lit channel
  • Backlit letter sign
  • Frontlit channel letter sign
  • Channel letter on raceway
  • Chrome channel letter sign

Channel Letter Signs:

are great for storefront signage and provide more dimension than flat cut and cast metal letters. The letter can is painted and fitted with light-emitting diode (LED) modules, transformers, and whips. Channel letters are Custom LED sign-made metal or plastic letters commonly used in exterior signage on public and commercial buildings, and often internally illuminated. Unlit three-dimensional letters that are applied to sign panels or monuments are usually referred to as dimensional letters.

A standard Channel Letter Signs:

is a three-dimensional graphic sign element. Its channel is fabricated from sheet metal, most often aluminum since it will not rust. A flat sheet of aluminum is typically cut on a table by a computer-controlled router, laser.

The letter can is painted and fitted with any lighting components necessary such as neon gas tubes or light-emitting diode (LED) modules.

Custom LED sign

A translucent plastic face usually of 316 in (5 mm) thick sheet acrylic fiber or polycarbonate is cut to fit the open face of the letter can.

A trim cap border is applied to its edges which gives the letter face a finished appearance and creates a fastening surface to attach it to the letter can. When illuminated at night, channel letters draw the eye of passers-by.

Plastic formed Channel Letters

Formed channel letters feature a molded plastic backer with a raised lip. A plastic molded cover snaps over the base. The cover, or face, can be flat, round, or “prismatic” (faceted face) and is made from translucent light-diffusing colored plastic.

Light is emitted from both the face and the sides of the letter. Cut vinyl can also be applied to the face to create various colored light effects, or to produce a halo effect. The plastic face can also be made with a translucent chrome finish so the letters appear chrome by day, but still, light up at night.

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LED Channel Letters are becoming more popular among lighting professionals and homeowners as a key component in strip lighting design and installation. This corresponds to the rapid expansion of LED strip lighting in architectural, commercial, and residential lighting applications. LED Channel Letters can improve the light scattering performance for more brightness, as well as enhance the attractiveness of the light by offering a trendy and beautiful look.

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What is the meaning of LED Channel Letters?

LED lights should be employed in a variety of lighting applications to produce a beautiful and acceptable environment. If the lighting is overly bright, it will detract from the atmosphere and, in some cases, cause eye injury. LED Channel Letters come in a variety of shapes and sizes (also known as aluminum LED Channel Letters, LED light strip players, LED light channels). Choosing the correct LED aluminum channels can be difficult because there are no clear instructions or guides. This guide is intended for both lighting specialists and newbies.

Important considerations while purchasing LED Channel Letters

Aluminum (or extrusion) ducting and diffusers are one of the most popular LED strip light accessories. Aluminum channels are frequently offered in parts lists as an optional item when planning LED strip lighting projects. But, really, how “voluntary” are these? Is it true that they are required for thermal management? What are some of the benefits of aluminum channels? We’ll try to cover the most significant components of the decision-making process, as well as the most often asked questions about aluminum ducts and diffusers, in this post.

The channel body, light diffuser, end caps, and mounting brackets are often included with LED Channel Letters. The channel’s body is made of anodized aluminum. PC or PMMA is used to make the light diffuser. Corroded metal or aluminum can be used for end caps and mounting brackets.

LED Channel Letters for Sale

Friends who want to acquire any fixtures or accessories linked to lights and bulbs can do so today on the Citylight website; Toronto is the sole City Light agent in Canada. All of these items are available to you at a reasonable cost. The Effect of LED Channel Letters on Light Emission: One of the primary reasons for purchasing and using an LED channel is to improve light distribution or to brighten a non-focused area. You may notice the bright spots that come with LED strip lights if you look at it straight.

We examine the elements that contribute to diffused strip brightness and assist you in selecting and purchasing the appropriate LED strip installation channels. The lens, which is a coated diffuser that is often equipped with an LED aluminum tube, is the major source of light output. It’s the lens that lets light pass through, blocking or lowering light points and improving light diffusion.

Clear, opaque, and semi-opaque are the three basic alternatives for covering an LED strip channel.

The quantity of light in the visible part of the spectrum that travels through the LED Channel Letters cover is measured in visible light transmission (VLT), which is reported as a percentage.

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In Toronto, how much do LED Channel Letters cost?

LED Channel Letters are also quite popular these days, and most people try to make them. You can see the various costs of lights in Citylight, and we have priced them in such a way that you can surely buy the device according to your budget and offer it for your business. Friends who live in Toronto will have no trouble doing their shopping. It has a translucent layer that allows 85-95 percent of light to pass through. Its coating can also become semi-transparent, enabling up to 85% of light to flow through.

The ideal matte coating is milky white, which enables only 40 to 50% of light to flow through. We accept requests for a variety of matte coating colors, including black, rose gold, gold, silver, and others.

The transmission of visible light has a significant impact on light of various spectra. White light, on the other hand, is usually brighter than colored lights like red, green, and blue. As a result, for color lights such as RGB, RGBW, and RGB CCT LED strips, selecting a high VLT player is critical.

More information:

 Transparent or opaque coatings are better for colored light in this case. Different channel coverage results in different light emission and VLT performance. These two traits have a tendency to shift in opposite directions. When one feature performs better, another suffers as a result. Transparent coverage offers the most VLT while allowing LED nodes and light spots to be seen directly. Light is diffused to some extent by a matte covering with a high VLT.

The best diffusion effect is achieved with a milky white coating, which also has the lowest VLT.

As you can see, both are preferable, i.e. higher VLT and better light emission. The matte coating has become the most preferred light diffuser for the LED strip channel in order to obtain the optimum balance.

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led channel letters

Purchasing LED Channel Letters from Citylight is critical.

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Because customer happiness has always been our top concern, Citylight has always strived to deliver you the greatest products and LED Channel Letters. We have always arranged first-class items for our clients. If you are intending to buy LED Channel Letters, apply now to take advantage of our weekly discounts and quickly shop and enjoy according to their budget.

If we want greater light distribution, we must also consider two factors: the LED Channel Letters’ height and the LED lamp density. The better the light emission, the higher the channel. Similarly, the better the light emission, the larger the LED density. Which LED Channel Letters are suitable for a lighting project is determined by the combination of these two elements.

We describe how to utilize matte coating to achieve light with scattering in detail since it gives the best mix of light transmission and transmission.

60 LEDs per meter, 128 LEDs per meter, 156 LEDs per meter, 160 LEDs per meter, and 240 LEDs per meter are the most common densities for white LED strips.

The minimum height of the LED Channel Letters for each LED strip should be as follows to achieve brightness with scatter:

LED strip channel height 20.5 mm – 60 LEDs per meter

LED strip channel height 12 mm, 120 LEDs per meter, 128 LEDs per meter

LED strip channel height 7 mm, 156 LEDs per meter, 160 LEDs per meter

LED strip channel height 6 mm, 240 LEDs per meter, 320 LEDs per meter

RGB LED strips:

60 LEDs per meter – LED strip channel height 20.5 mm

84 LEDs per meter – 14.5 mm LED strip channel height

LED strip channel channel height 12 mm – 120 LEDs per meter

60 LEDs per meter RGBW LED strips – LED strip channel height 20.5 mm

84 LEDs per meter – 14.5 mm LED strip channel height

60 LEDs per meter RGBCCT LED strips – LED strip channel height 20.5 mm

84 LEDs per meter – 14.5 mm LED strip channel height

In other words, the lower the LED Channel Letters are, the easier they are to install and the brighter the bar will be. The better the light emission, the higher the LED strip channel.

LED Channel Letters can be purchased online.

You may easily sit at home and register your order with the help of a smartphone or laptop. Dear friends planning to purchase LED Channel Letters, they may do so right now from Citylight and have their product delivered to their door. You may be concerned that your product will not arrive or that you will be scammed. We’re happy to report that Citylight has always had its own customers when it comes to online purchasing, and we’ve never delivered a product late to a consumer.

Examine the LED Channel Letters’ dimensions carefully. Make sure the inside width specifications are broader than the LED strip lights by reading some of the interior width criteria. The LED density and LED Channel Letters height of waterproof LED strip lights have the same relationship as waterproof LED Channel Letters.

The LED strip’s width is unusual in that it is waterproof. It is normally 2 mm wider than its watertight duct due to the exterior waterproofing material utilized. So read the instructions carefully and make sure the LED strip channel’s inside width is larger than the waterproof LED strip’s width.

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Soldering is one of the greatest connectors for LED strip lights, however it does not enhance the width of LED strip lights. Most solderless LED strip connectors, on the other hand, are wider than LED strips. The width of the LED connectors, not the width of the LED strip, determines the inner width of the LED strip channel if strip connections must be inserted inside the LED strip channel. As a result, if you want to use small or thin LED channels, you should use narrow LED strip connectors.

led channel letters

Connections for LED strips

Solderless connections for LED strips: One of the best connectors is soldering, although it does not enhance the width of LED strip lights. Most solderless LED strip connectors, on the other hand, are wider than LED strips. The width of the LED connectors, not the width of the LED strip, determines the inner width of the LED strip channel if strip connections must be inserted inside the LED strip channel. As a result, if you wish to use small or narrow LED Channel Letters, you should use narrow LED strip connectors.

The brightness of the LED Channel Letters is affected by the composition of the LED strip channel and the number of LED strips, in addition to the brightness of the LED Channel Letters themselves. In general, if you require a lot of light, a high-brightness LED strip is the way to go. You can choose a broader aluminum LED channel that can hold two or more light strips together if you want the channel light to be brighter.

The 1707-1.17M, for example, has an internal width of 12.5 mm and can accommodate a 10 mm or 12 mm optical strip. If strip brightness is required, try the 1023-2M, 2326S-2M, and other models that combine two 10mm LED strips. These are only a few examples; there are many more models available.

LED Channel Letters for Sale in Toronto

In addition to your lamps and LED Channel Letters, you can do a lot of shopping in Toronto. All of our products come with a guarantee, so you may use them anytime you want, and if there is ever a problem, we will fix it for free. Light-headedness. Choose medium and big aluminum channels if you require light for huge lighting or party lighting.

Length: Aluminum channels are available in a variety of lengths. The majority of our LED Channel Letters are 46 inches (1.17 meters) and 78.74 inches tall (2 meters). They are suitable for do-it-yourself projects. Aluminum channels may be cut to the desired length with ease. They can also be cut at a 45-degree angle and joined together as a 90-degree screw. Depending on the project’s requirements, you can get those that require less length or less cutting. It can also be lengthened by stacking them on top of one another.

It’s worth noting that when cutting the aluminum channel, we must account for the LED strip light’s minimum cutting length. This is because the LED strip light’s exact length is determined by the minimum cutting length. Some LED strips, for example, have a one-inch minimum cutting length, while others are two or four inches long.

Dealer of LED Channel Letters in Toronto

Citylight is a salesperson with a long history of working in Toronto; he has been selling lighting items and lamps for many years, and each year he has been able to attract a large number of customers in this way. Put the consumer first in all you do, and you’ll never go wrong. LED Channel Letters and their accessories are currently available for purchase on our website. Also, bring yourself a pleasant buying experience. You may need to consider purchasing additional accessories on occasion.

End caps and mounting accessories are among the LED strip duct accessories. Depending on the aluminum channels, mounting accessories such as mounting brackets, spring buckles, pedal wires, double-sided tape, screws, or glue are available. Various installation accessories must be chosen depending on the various installation procedures. Purchase enough end caps and mounting hardware.

End caps and mounting accessories, such as mounting brackets and spring buckles, may be required if you cut an LED Channel Letters into many parts. LED Channel Letters distribute heat more effectively and protect LED light strips. We all know that metal dissipates heat more effectively. This function is provided by the aluminum oxide LED strip channel, which extends the life of the light strip. It’s worth noting that the optical strip we built can operate at temperatures ranging from -25 to 68 degrees Celsius (-13 to 154 degrees Fahrenheit).

If the LED strips will be used for a long time in a temperature exceeding 40 degrees Celsius (104 degrees Fahrenheit), aluminum tubes should be used to help disperse heat. Light strips are also protected by LED Channel Letters from UV radiation, dust, scratches, and other factors. Finally, LED strip channels are available.

Orders are accepted.

Please contact us if you do not find the model you are searching for, such as the shape or specifications. We accept LED Channel Letter orders based on your design and application requirements. What are LED light aluminum channels? LED strips, despite their versatility and ease of usage, are more of a lighting component than a finished lighting product. Aluminum ducts, also known as aluminum extruders, serve a number of purposes to make LED strip lights appear more like traditional lighting fixtures. The aluminum channel is clean and simple in design.

It’s composed of extruded aluminum, so it can be made tall and narrow, which is ideal for installing linear lighting with LED strip lights. The LED strip light can be fitted along a wide slit of approximately half an inch in the channels, which are commonly U-shaped. Because it corresponds to the length of a normal LED strip spool of 16.4 feet, the most common length is 3.2 feet (1.0 m), which is commonly marketed in 5-channel packages (5.0 m). In addition to the aluminum duct, a polycarbonate (plastic) diffuser is frequently used. Extrusion is also used to make the polycarbonate diffuser, which is designed to be readily detached from the aluminum channel’s top.

Strip lights made of LEDs

When the diffuser is in place, the LED strip lights attached on the base of the aluminum channel are normally about a quarter to a half inch away. The diffuser, as its name suggests, aids in providing diffused light and improving the LED strip’s light distribution. Aluminum ducts aren’t really necessary for thermal management, as we’ve already established. It does, however, provide a sturdy mounting bracket for the LED strip as well as a polycarbonate diffuser that provides excellent light dispersal.

The diffuser is normally opaque, allowing light to flow through. However, when light passes through the polycarbonate material, it scatters in different directions, providing a soft, diffused effect that blends in nicely with the rest of the room. ” The raw LED points are not the same. It will be evident otherwise. The presence or absence of a diffuser on the LED strip can have a substantial impact on total brightness in one of two ways: direct or indirect glare.

led channel letters
led channel letters
led channel letters

Finally, some thoughts Channel Letters with LEDs

So far, we’ve just covered technical features of aluminum channels in terms of LED strip light performance and lighting science. Aluminum ducts provide numerous advantages that are well worth considering. We hope you find the information helpful.

Citylight Group’s finest Channel Letter Signs Molded plastic letters are also available in regular typefaces and sizes. Channel letters are not only for the outside of a building; they may also be used within a retail mall or a business lobby. These letters are manufactured utilizing either 3′′, 4′′, or 6′′ depth aluminum coils, which may be painted to any color, stainless steel, brushed steel, or chrome, depending on the size of your letter.

Optional Channel Letter Signs

  • Channel letter sign with frontlit letters
  • Channels that are both front and back illuminated
  • Letter sign with backlighting and channel letter sign with backlighting
  • On the racetrack, the channel letter
  • Channel letter sign in chrome

LED Channel Letters Signs:

 provide more dimension than flat cut and cast metal letters and are ideal for retail signage. The letter can has been painted and is equipped with LED modules, transformers, and whips. Channel letters are metal or plastic letters that are typically internally lighted and used in outdoor signage on public and commercial buildings. Dimension letters are three-dimensional letters that are not lighted and are put on sign panels or monuments.

A three-dimensional graphic sign element is a conventional Channel Letter Sign.

 Its channel is made of sheet metal, most commonly aluminum because it does not rust. A computer-controlled router, or laser, is used to cut a flat sheet of aluminum on a table.

The letter can is painted, and any lighting components, such as neon gas tubes or light-emitting diode (LED) modules, are installed.

A translucent plastic face is cut to suit the open face of the letter can, commonly from 3/16 in (5 mm) thick sheet acrylic fiber or polycarbonate.

A trim cap border is placed to the letter face’s edges, giving it a polished look. It also serves as a fastening surface for the letter can. Channel letters attract passers-attention by’s when illuminated at night.

LED Channel Letters made of plastic

A molded plastic backer with a raised lip is used for formed channel lettering. The base is covered by a snap-on plastic molded cover. The cover, or face, is constructed of translucent light-diffusing colored plastic and can be flat, spherical, or “prismatic” (faceted face).

The letter emits light from both the front and the sides. Cut vinyl can also be used to generate a variety of colorful light effects on the face. Alternatively, to create a halo effect. A translucent chrome finish can also be applied to the plastic face. As a result, the letters appear chrome during the day but light up at night.

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