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Durable Full Color LED Display Screen Advertising Display Large View Angle 10mm LED Display/ High Brightness Quality


Thousands of people will see your location for the first time when you put up a Full Color LED Display Screen .They are a very powerful marketing tool for every type of business. Their colorful moving messages and images increase customer awareness 24 hours a day. LED (Light Emitting Diode) sign owners see sales gain much more than when advertising with newspaper ads, direct mail, banners, or other conventional advertising mediums. People today are attracted to a store that has digital signage(Full Color LED Display Screen)
led sign panels for outdoor digital displays. Amazing brightness, great contrast ratio, and extra-wide viewingangle.



Digital signage

Digital signage is a sub-segment of electronic signage.Full Color LED Display Screen use technologies such as LCD, LED, projection, and e-paper to display digital images, videos, web pages, weather data, restaurant menus, or text. outdoor full color led display Advertising Display can be found in public spaces, transportation systems, museums, stadiums, retail stores, hotels, restaurants, and corporate buildings, etc., to provide wayfinding, exhibitions, marketing, and outdoor full color led display advertising.


  • custom Full Color LED Display Screen( led sign) for Public information news, weather, traffic, and local, fire exits, and traveler information.
  • Internal information – corporate messages, such as health & safety items, news and so forth.
  • Product information – pricing, photos, raw materials, suggested applications, and other product information.
  • Information to enhance the customer service experience – interpretive signage in museums, galleries, zoos, parks and gardens, exhibitions, tourist, and cultural attractions.
  • Advertising and Promotion – promoting products or services.
  • Brand building – in-store custom led sign to promote the brand and build a brand identity.
  • Influencing customer behavior – navigation, directing customers to different areas.
  • Influencing product or brand decision-making –  Signage to help shoppers to choose dresses inside a fashion store, check prices, access product information, and manage shopping lists.
  • Enhancing customer experience – applications include the reduction of perceived wait time in the waiting areas, bank queues, and similar circumstances.
  • Navigation – with interactive screens (on the floor, for example, as with “informational footsteps” found in some tourist attractions, museums, and the like). 
  • Reservations – small, interactive screens on walls or desks that allow employees to reserve the space for a limited time.
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Full color LED display
LED displays, light boards or LED boards are one of the different types of electronic screens. These types of electronic devices are widely used in digitalmessaging. Another advantage of the full-color LED display is that menus,
various types of advertisements, various TV programs, as well as other digitalmessages can be viewed as a digital and electronic display through a video.

projector, LED, plasma display, and LED. Used in public and private places Types of LED displays under a microscope. LED displays are typically usedmore than other electronic devices due to their low power consumption and the coolness of these digital devices. Another important feature of LED devices is its fast response time. This means that the time it takes to turn the device
on or off is very short. In other words, it can be said that the device turns off or on after applying electrical voltage and turning it off. The response speed of LED lamps used in a variety of devices has a response time of about
nanoseconds. In other words, after the voltage is applied to the LED lamps,light is emitted from its surface. It should be noted that the illumination time of different types of copper lamps is different from the voltage application.
These bulbs are about a few milliseconds. Milliseconds mean that the light emitted widely from the surface of the lamp does not pass quickly after the voltage is applied. Unlike LED bulbs which are very fast. So that they turn on
quickly and off in an instant. The LED bulbs on city billboards and televisions are constantly on day and night. Also, LEDs are turning on and off and changing color at high speeds on a regular basis. The difference between the
two is that if the switching time, or Rosen and shutdown time, is so short that a visual error occurs, there is not much difference in the amount of light .emitted In general, the LED matrix of the city’s modern television is a
multidimensional array of LEDs. Here we mean a two-dimensional array of LED .

matricesTo display any information on the above matrix LED display, it can be scanned
.at very short intervals with a voltage switch in the row and column The ratio expressed in the scan of the LED panel of the city’s modern media indicates the dimensions of the matrix of the LED panel that is being scanned.
2/1For example, the dimensions of the matrix in the LED panel with a scan of in exactly the same 8in 8is equal to 8/1and in the scan 2in 2is equal to conditions of LED material and voltage, etc. The amount of light intensity of
the LED panel in the state The scan is about as small as the static mode. For example, times the light of a 8 the light intensity of a static LED panel is .

scanned LED panel

Frequently Asked Questions:(about Full Color LED Display Screen)

Q1:How to choose a Full Color LED Display Screen proper for your need?
 A:You just need to think of 3 simple questions when you choose a led screen by yourself.
 1.Will you use it indoor or outdoor?
 2.Is it for rental use(need to be moved from one place to another place very often) or for fixed installation(to be installed in one place forever)?
 3.what is the approximate size of the led screen you would like to purchase?
Q2:Which pixel pitch should i choose?
A:In usually,For indoor stage will be select indoor die casting P2.5- P3- P4- P5- P6-P3.91- P4.81- P6.25
For outdoor full color led display stage will be select P4.81- P6.25- P6 P8- P10.
For fixed installed led screen, can select P3 -P4 P5 -P6- P7.62- P10
For outdoor fixed installation,if it is not directly to sun,can select outdoor SMDP6 -P8- P10– P10- P16
if directly to sun,can select outdoor SMD P8, DIP P10.
For big size led screen(custom led sign) can select SMD P8,SMD P10,SMD/DIP P16
Also we have researched outdoor high resolution SMD 3in1: P4- P5- P6 -P8- P10,there are good for high resolution led screen

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    This is a real nice sign. Good for pictures, video, and some special effects.

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    This is a real nice sign. Good for pictures, video, and some special effects.

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