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front store signs – A commercial sign is an inscription, shape or image affixed to a building relating to an activity that is carried out there. It allows customers to identify the operating premises (a shop for example). The sign must comply with certain location and size rules, among others. Its installation requires prior authorization in some cases.

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front store signs – A commercial sign is an inscription, shape or image affixed to a building relating to an activity that is carried out there. It allows customers to identify the operating premises (a shop for example). The sign must comply with certain location and size rules, among others. Its installation requires prior authorization in some cases.

front store signs and billboards for merchants and entrepreneurs: the keys to effective commercial visibility

Are you starting your business or want to expand your customer base? Make yourself known thanks to the installation of a sign visible from afar or promotional panels installed in front of your place of professional activity! Here are the tips of communication professionals to benefit from effective advertising, according to the needs and the budget of the entrepreneur.

A brand that meets the needs of businesses and businesses

The realization of a sign or a panel is entirely tailor-made, according to the future use which must be dedicated to it. Non-standard size or standardized size serve different commercial purposes.Sign for local business or company: more focused on a graphic and modern format, the signs placed on the storefront must above all reflect a unique image that the customer can directly identify and remember.
The size of a sign varies according to the size of the building, the width of the facade and the distance from which the device must be seen. The sign must be durable, and therefore of very good quality to withstand bad weather, the sun’s rays and the pangs of time while offering a good return on investment. All signs are guaranteed for seven years with the service provider who supports the customer in its production and installation.
Arrow panel: on the facades of houses, but also at the entrance to a city, these advertisements announce the direction of shops and offices. These large surfaces must be visible and readable from more than fifty meters away.
Site panel: any contractor can leave traces of his interventions on the sites where he officiates so that his name or that of the company is associated with it. These panels vary in size but must be affordable in cost and graphically pleasing.
Temporary advertising campaign or permanent display: quality and durability of the panels
In order to obtain a result that meets the expectations of the merchant or contractor in terms of longevity, two materials are mainly used:

PVC: Good rigidity, dimensionally stable and pleasing to the eye, this material is strong and has a good reputation. It is used on a massive scale to make “temporary” or promotional panels for construction sites or front store signs , but also the lettering of signs.

Aluminum: Thinner than PVC, this metal provides a more “permanent” function and is intended for the very long term. More and more signs are made of this material and last more than ten years.

Development of front store signs or promotional panels: a global service by a visual communication professional

First briefing: during this meeting, the client explains his expectations, the budget he has and the space constraints he faces. This is when the size of the support is determined, its graphic charter, but also the material that will be selected for its manufacture. The service provider can thus develop its communication strategy for a positive impact.

Presentation of the project: the customer benefits from a first vision of the project in order to confirm its production or to make some alterations.

Launch of production: the sign or panel is sent to manufacture.

Provision or installation: once assembled, the advertising panel is delivered to the customer so that he can take care of the placement himself or to proceed with its hanging.

Monitoring: Thanks to the presence of an effective guarantee for seven years, the service provider monitors production and can observe any modification and degradation that may require recovery.

Additional service: creation of a visual identity that can be used on all advertising media

During the first briefing, the client provides his logo to the service provider. If he does not have one, the company’s graphic design unit is competent to create it, accompanied by a real visual identity. The marriage of a color chart and a specific typography results in the creation of a logo that has an impact and can be quickly registered and identified by the memory of a client. This identity, adapted to the customer’s activity, is then available on all media, from van lettering to billboards, including promotional window stickers. The development of such a visual strategy is part of a complete service.

Highlight your business with a beautiful front store sign

The store sign is a visual support affixed to the facade of a business that attracts the eye of passers-by. The luminous versions are today the most effective for successful communication. Choosing the right illuminated sign is therefore decisive for capturing the attention of customers, strengthening its brand identity and increasing its notoriety.

Sigma Signalisation, specialist in POS and signage, gives you all its advice to highlight your business with a quality store sign.

Why opt for a front store sign for your business?

Front store sign is a sign that is placed in front of your shop front and can be illuminated or not. It appears as an essential marketing tool for a business since it allows first of all to inform passers-by in order to know your field of activity. From near and far, the front store sign attracts the attention of many potential customers by highlighting the products or services you offer. The aesthetic side is also important because an attractive design will make the public more interested in visiting the interior of your store. A front store sign therefore allows you to develop two essential aspects for your business. You will increase both your notoriety by being more quickly and easily known. Your image will also be reinforced thanks to your slogan or your logo which will be more and more widespread.

And to be visible day and night, choosing an illuminated sign also proves to be wise. You will be able to make the difference by standing out from an often tough competition.

The different types of signs available

In order to meet the specificity of your expectations and your needs. We then find the signs cut out of various materials (POS, aluminium, plexiglass, etc.) to ensure you a design and very modern signage. Cut-out letters are perfect for making your name or brand stand out and improving the reputation of your business at the same time. We also offer a range of illuminated signs that adapt to all types of mounting brackets for optimal visibility day and night. Being fully customizable, you can then have the image of your choice printed according to the size and the inscription you want. Illuminated signs can be either LED or neon. The LED sign is the most requested of thefront store signs  signs because it is a form of dynamic advertising which is illuminated thanks to diodes and which offers the possibility of controlling the brightness.

Our advice to improve the visibility of your brand

Installing a store sign is not an easy thing and it is strongly recommended that you be accompanied by professionals to carry out the design and installation of your signage. Your advertising message must be simple, clear and powerful and your sign must have an attractive appearance to maximize the visibility of your business. Choosing the right colors, size and materials to use are therefore essential to make a quality sign that can not only please passers-by but also make the difference the competition. Whether you are looking for cut-out signs or other, Sigma supports you to boost your sales and develop your notoriety with your customers.

Commercial sign: make your customers want to enter

Do people walk past your shop or business without paying attention to your storefront?

You are installed a little away from the comings and goings and you have the impression that your prospects do not notice you?

How many customers are you losing every day due to lack of visibility?

It’s time to change all that! Get noticed by investing in the street: bet on a new advertising sign. Colorful or soberly elegant, sophisticated or natural: the sign expresses your corporate identity and your brand image.

Why install a store or business advertising sign?

Many merchants and entrepreneurs forget or neglect this element when creating their business. They don’t want to spend a lot of money on it. They thus find themselves with front store signs that are too small, almost invisible, or unprofessional, which fail to capture their customers.

However, the commercial sign of your company is very important in terms of image.

Because it allows passers-by and potential customers to identify your activity and its location at a glance.

Because it makes you want to enter your establishment – or not, if it has not been well designed and cared for!

Because it’s free and sustainable advertising for you. Once the sign has been installed, you have nothing more to do: it will attract the attention of your customers for years.

The commercial sign is therefore more than an element that identifies you within the public space. It is a billboard that participates in your corporate communication!

Your personalized sign down to the smallest detail

We create your exterior sign (panel, stretched canvas, cut-out letters, etc.) from your visual identity. We also take into account the constraints of the location. Details, colors, materials, we study all the possibilities to offer you the sign that best suits your needs and your budget.

This ranges from the A4 format doctor’s plate to the 200 m² banner for large stores. front store signs of pharmacies, supermarkets, consulting firms, butchers and caterers, bookstores, etc. : we help all sectors of activity to gain visibility.

If you do not yet have a logo or graphic charter, we will develop it with you in accordance with your identity and your corporate values.

An advertising sign also meets specific regulations. We support you in your request for affixing and authorization to install a sign, whether for constraints related to the environment.

Which materials and which processes for your commercial front store signs?

We design your store sign model in different materials and using several techniques:

The Banner Sign

From the small business sign that overlooks the front door and the window to the one that occupies the entire facade of your premises, the banner sign is a real wall advertisement!

We use a composite panel consisting of a 3 millimeter polyethylene plate sandwiched between two aluminum plates. The result is of high quality, with a lifespan of approximately seven years.

Applied sign: advantages

Just like the flag sign, the letter sign, the floor sign or the roof sign, the wall sign is one of the most used identification and communication media in the field of signage.

What is an applied sign?

Wall signs, or banner front store signs, designate those that are affixed flat against the wall of a building or on the front of a business, and whose activity they signal and promote.

The applied sign, like the flag sign, allows:

quickly identify the type of trade or business;

  • enhance the image of a business
  • Location of the wall front store signs
  • The applied sign is visible when you stand in front of the facade of the building

The traditional location of the wall sign is above the window. It can be formed of 2 types of sign letter:

  • the separate letters sealed in the wall
  • the letters fixed on a box.
  • The constraints to be respected

The environment code specifies the rules to be respected in terms of outdoor advertising. Concerning the applied front store signs , he provides some details:

They must be affixed so as not to exceed the limits of the wall on which they are applied.

They can be installed on an awning, a balcony or in front of a window if they do not exceed their limit.

Why install a wall sign?

The wall sign, in addition to being an integral part of the decor of the storefront of a business or business, generally aims to:

  •      to indicate the name of the trade or company;
  •     to provide information on the activity carried out;
  •    to inform about the products and/or services offered.

The advantages of this type of sign

Wall-mounted signs offer many advantages, such as:

  •     its adaptation to all types of storefronts;
  •     the choice between a luminous model or not;
  •     a quick eye-catcher;
  •     great visibility and readability.

Request for authorization prior to the installation of front store signs


The prior declaration is obligatory only if the works lead to the modification of the external appearance of the building: modification or replacement of the window, change of carpentry or other materials, drilling of a new opening, new color of paint for the facade. , etc . The use of an architect is not compulsory.

Conversely, work consisting in restoring the initial state of the building (renovation work or cleaning of the facade) does not require prior declaration, except if the business is located in a protected area such as the surroundings of a historic monument (within 500 m) or if an authorization has been decided by a deliberation of the municipal council.

The prior declaration file for a modification of a commercial storefront must be filed with the town hall of the municipality where the commercial establishment is located.

The different types of signs

The sign installed at the top of the storefront of a business or on the side of the road is the gateway to attract customers or make yourself known (and recognized). To stand out, there is nothing better, provided that the design of the sign has been well done. What about the types of front store signs available in the market?

The single-sided sign

This is the sign that is usually installed at the front of a business, affixed to a wall or another partition. It can be bright or not. This is the classic sign that can be found in front of many shops. It is best to contact the municipality to find out the rules in force for the installation of commercial signs. The indications listed in the lease are also essential before proceeding with the order.

The double-sided sign

This sign is the one that is generally found on the posts at the edge of the street, which more directly presents the business or businesses that have taken up residence in the building a little further from the sidewalk or grouped together in a shopping center. The double-sided sign can also be hung and may or may not have an interior light to illuminate it. The graphic is visible on both sides.

The luminous letters

Enclosures in the shape of the desired letters, custom designed and in company colors create this type of sign that is sure to catch the eye. Simple or sophisticated, illuminated letters can be illuminated using LED lighting technology, for example, but they are also available in letters only version, without lighting. They really emphasize the company name and logo.

digital cutting

A little according to the same principle as luminous letters, digital cutting makes it possible to create a sign according to a predefined graphic design, with the effigy of the company logo for example. The advantage of this type of sign is to highlight a graphic element that represents the company. A 3D logo catches the eye and creates a wow effect, especially when highlighted by a well-integrated light.

front store signs on a concrete base

Bad weather is more and more present, whether due to harsh winters in which ice is omnipresent or during high autumn winds. Commercial signs must be solid, hence the need to install them on a concrete base. The company’s investment is thus protected.

Other custom front store signs can be designed to adapt to the reality and demands of various businesses. Sign design is an art, which is why you have to take the time to properly analyze customer needs and make the right choice according to budget, reality and needs. Temporary banners and advertising banners can also be created, in order to adapt to all situations. The choice is vast, the investment is important, it is better to take the time to think and be advised by experts in the field before launching. An indoor sign is also a classy and premium advertisement to consider, a must for a business image.


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