indoor LED display full color

indoor LED display full color – High quality 3 in 1 SMD LED lights from world famous suppliers not only ensure the quality of our RV indoor LED display but also prevent color shift at extreme viewing angles. No blind surface technology widens the viewing angles of the indoor LED display. Also, a full and clear image can be viewed even from extreme angles.

Light weight modules resulting in easy assembly/disassembly. Our Professional range of indoor modular panels will allow you to display the content you want such as text, images, videos or others in your establishment.

Ideal for rental, events or an advertising sign. Its low weight guarantees quick installation and easy transport. Maintenance possible via the rear opening. Possibility of remote access to the panels thanks to the COSMI Cloud server.

Options: Wifi, 3G/4G, Brightness sensor, Temperature sensor and COSMI Cloud Server.

indoor LED display full color

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