Hanging Banners

Hanging Banners – If you want to enhance your visual impact with stronger materials, hanging banners are a mobile and durable product. They are reinforced with custom ribbons sewn around the banner. Customizable ribbons, double-ply for added strength, allow for greater creativity.

The integrated customizable mounting product gives you an easy to move solution, especially when there are several events on the same day, for tents, fences or portable structures. Hanging banners come in easy-to-carry bags with identification. All of our hanging banners have no central banner core, which means they are lightweight and easy to transport (to reduce shipping costs).

Our robust and quality hanging banners give you different visibility on our range of recyclable materials. They can have a metallic appearance (first quality) or be transparent (for a 3D effect). We’re here to brainstorm ideas and build brand awareness with uncommon and exceptional solutions. We offer you a worry-free service thanks to our optimized manufacturing cycle.

The main sectors that use hanging banners are: the media, foundations and the racing industry. Standard banners are ideal for maximizing impact, especially for showcasing products at festivals or sporting events.

The sturdy, high-quality hanging banner is ideal for both indoors and outdoors. It is double-sided, eco-friendly and has minimal shipping costs.

Hanging Banners


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