business card pvc

business card pvc – The plastic business card is easy and practical to store in a wallet when it has the dimensions of the bank card 8.6 x 5.4 cm. This is why we prefer the PVC business card such as: member card, VIP card, membership card, loyalty card, access control card, library card, badge… Some personalized PVC loyalty cards are supplied with a overlay. This is a transparent vinyl sticker ideal for protecting your photos and texts.

In the family of PVC business cards, also discover the plastic card with variable data: it will allow you to personalize up to 5 different data! The principle of this card is simple: have an identical visual but different data such as text, numbers, numbering, barcode, QR Code, photos… specific to each member or customer. The variable data PVC card is often chosen as part of a membership card, trade show badge, name card, membership card, etc.

Discover the unique qualities of a PVC business card

To make you stand out in a competitive environment, the translucent business card with or without supporting white can be a winning asset. You can also choose a PVC business card model with 3D selective varnish to catch the eye of your prospects. Perhaps you prefer another personalization technique with the die-cut card? The plastic membership card allows many possibilities, so don’t wait any longer and choose a rigid business card that is inexpensive, unique and above all in your image!

business card pvc

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