neon sign

neon sign

What is a neon sign and where is it used?

From time immemorial to the present day, advertising has been an important part of sales, and one of the most common methods used by many stores to display their name as well as their activity is to use neon signs.

The factor that produces light in a neon panel is neon gas, which is a colorless gas that produces red light due to electrical discharge, but by combining this gas with fluorine, other colors are created.

This type of billboard making has a better price than other types of billboards and shop billboard design and can be designed in different models, which we will fully review in the continuation of this article.


Introducing different types of neon signs

In general, neon signs are available in two models of glass and plastic, each of which has its own characteristics:


1- Glass neon sign

A neon glass panel is a panel that is filled with various gases in raw and empty glass and emits light by passing an electric current through it.

This board is designed in the letters required by each customer. The remarkable thing about neon glass paintings is that these paintings are available in different colors, powders and ordinary.


Steps of making glass neon signs

To produce this painting, raw neon glasses are first prepared, which are spherical in shape and empty inside.

The neon device then changes the hollow glass to the desired shape with heat and air pressure, and then the electrodes are connected.

After connecting the electrodes, the two ends of the neon are connected to a device with a suitable voltage so that the gas inside the tube is completely burned and a vacuum is created.

Then it is connected to the neon gas device and in this part, a voltage equal to 750 to 1600 enters the tube and causes mercury ionization and light production. The face is fully charged and ready to produce light.

Glass neon signs are produced in different colors of red, yellow, pink, blue, brown, purple and other colors that the type of paint produced will be different depending on the type of gas in which it is filled.


For example, they produce pink hydrogen gas, red neon gas, blue argon, and so on.


2- Plastic neon sign

Neon plastic board is a board that uses a kind of transparent plastic called Plexiglas to make its surface and edges, which is transparent like glass but is more durable than glass and can be easily cut with various laser cutting machines.

Plastic neon signs are one of the first embossed letters in the world that shine as a billboard on the front of shops.

This painting has the ability to emit light evenly and heals and creates a beautiful effect.


Types of plastic neon signs

Plastic neon signs are made in different types, here we can mention two common types, namely simple neon plastic signs and double Plexiglas neon plastic signs.


Steps of making plastic neon signs

In the first step to make a plastic neon sign, first, the sign maker goes to the sign installation site and measures the exact location of the sign installation, and then embossed letters are designed using design software such as Corel and AutoCAD.

The letters that are designed are cut on Plexiglas using a laser cutter, and then the edges and the surface of the plastic embossed letters are glued together.

Then the LED lamps are placed in the form of filaments, lines and branches inside the letters and the prepared letters are installed on the underlay.

The substructure is usually made of wood, glass, stone and که, which can be selected according to the needs of each person.


Neon flex table

Neon signs, due to the fact that they have been used by customers in environmental advertising from the past to the present, have disadvantages such as neon fragility, neon shock, difficult installation and high power consumption, all of which forced engineers and manufacturers. In the age of technology to produce materials that have greater advantages and superiority than neon.

One of the modern products that is popular in the profession of advertising and billboard making today can be called flex neon sign or neon flex, which is a suitable alternative to neon sign in this industry.

Flex neon sign, which has a neon-like appearance and has a high degree of flexibility, is used for advertisements such as shop signs, interior decoration signs and other advertising items that are also available in the market in various colors.


Making neon flexi

Flex neon sign is made in two ways with base and mold.

In making neon-flex panels with a base, first a work surface made of Plexiglas, wood or MDF in specific sizes and dimensions is created, and then using a plotter device of the desired design, which includes text or photos, insert it on paper.

In the next step, special bases will be installed on the design (between the two lines) and at the end, neon flex will be placed on the bases and the panel will be illuminated by a 12 volt transformer.

Fabrication of neon flex with mold, for installation of neon flex using materials such as PVC, MDF, Plexiglas and similar cases is done in such a way that the desired design using a CNC machine or laser cutting It is cut according to the thickness of neon flex on the mentioned materials.

Finally, neon flex is placed inside them and, like the first method, it reaches the lighting stage using a power supply.


Advantages of using neon signs

Neon signs are very popular because they have advantages over other signs on the market, which are:


1- Beautiful appearance

Neon paintings have a dazzling appearance compared to other paintings, and their bright light attracts everyone’s attention.


2- Reasonable price

The most important thing about neon signs is that they are reasonably priced and affordable, which is why many store owners have made these types of signs.


3- Variety

One of the advantages of neon paintings is that this painting can be implemented and executed in different colors and models, and for this reason , it has been able to meet the needs of every taste well.


4- Do not damage the workplace

Another advantage of neon signs is that they work on a very delicate background and therefore do not cause any damage to the background.


5- Uniform light

The main advantage of neon signs is that their light is uniform and eye-catching, and therefore looking at them does not cause eye irritation.

6- Easy installation

One of the great things about neon signs is that they can be installed and executed in the shortest possible time.


7- Long life

There are many paintings on the market that, although they have a beautiful and different appearance, but if placed in unfavorable weather conditions, after a short time, they lose their original quality and their beauty is reduced.

Neon signs can be used for a long time and can be used safely in any weather conditions.


What places need a neon sign?

Any business that feels the need to increase their revenue should use neon signs that can be designed and built in different dimensions.

Uses of this sign can be used as shop signs, shop signs, restaurant signs, as well as all work offices and stores. By installing and executing these signs in busy places, they can attract more customers and clients, and as a result, witness Increase revenue.

The remarkable thing about using neon signs is that due to the brilliance of these signs, using them, even in secluded places, can attract many customers to your business.

In general, it should be said that with the installation and implementation of neon signs, everyone will stare at your business and will be able to find you more easily.


Neon signs for shops and stores

One of the applications of neon signs is use for stores and shops, and because it is made in attractive designs and colors, it can have a great impact on attracting customers and selling more.


Price of neon sign

In general, the price of each type of neon sign depends on various factors. For example, the type of empty glass, the type of gas used to fill the glass, wires, electrodes, and transformers all influence the price of neon glass.


The price of neon signs will also be affected by various factors such as the following:

Outline of letters

Plexiglas type

Power supply

Type of LED lamp



But the price of this type of boards is more reasonable than other boards in the market.


Buy neon signs

To buy a neon sign, points such as: the dimensions of the sign, the title of the sign, its installation location and attention to the target customers are very important, and note that according to the type of neon sign according to the user you have it. Before buying a neon sign, consult a consultant in the field of sign making to experience the best choice.

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