Metal sign

Metal sign and its types (metal embossed letters)

Metal panel:

Metal billboard is a type of best-selling billboards in the world of billboard making, which has been made and implemented from the distant past to the present day using various metals such as copper, iron, steel, brass and bronze as a single metal or a combination of metals and other materials. Is made . Steel panel is one of the most widely used types of metal panels that due to color stability, lack of rust, luster and gloss, has been able to gain a good position in the field of panel painting.


What is a metal panel?

As its name suggests, a metal panel is a panel that is made using metal. Now you ask what kind of metals can be used to make a metal panel?

Types of metal panel metals:






In fact, metal billboards are a type of billboards that, like Chelnium billboards and neon plastic billboards, can be embossed and edged, and are designed with metal embossed letters. This painting is made using metals such as brass, copper, iron, zinc and other metals and has a high resistance, but because these types of metals change color and turbidity over time, it is less recommended now. But today, the majority of business owners to choose a metal panel, choose the type of metal, steel, and display a steel panel with extraordinary brilliance.


Plastic neon sign

Types of metal panels:

Copper metal panel

Iron metal panel

Steel metal panel

Zinc metal panel

Brass metal panel

Galvanized metal panel


Types of metal embossed letters:

Metal embossed letters can be divided into the following types:

Steel metal embossed letters

Copper metal embossed letters

Brass metal embossed letters

Galvanized metal embossed letters

Bronze metal embossed letters

Metal embossed letters on

Iron metal embossed letters


Price of metal embossed letters

The price of metal embossed letters is determined based on the meter of the environment and the type of metal used, and how the embossed letters are painted and polished in the metal panel. Iron embossed letters have the highest price due to the high price of iron.


Metal panel price:

The price of metal panels varies depending on the type of metal and its color. In general, the price of metal panels is cheaper than the price of Chelnium panels or vacuum panels and depends on many factors, including the following:

Size and area of ​​metal panels

Material of consumables

Type of metal used

Metals brand

SMD lamps

The diameter of the letters

Letter thickness

Board height

Advertising content in the billboard or the same as the environment meter

Cooling fan power supplies


And whatever customers order in surplus on the board.


Making metal panels

Metal panels in embossed models are popular and best-selling products. The use of various metals such as copper, iron, steel and brass in these paintings has caused the tastes of different people. This model of boards is made of single-phase and combined metals. Steel metal panels are very popular these days.

One of the famous models of metal panels in the form of light is Andric. In this method of panel making, in fact, a space is created between the letters and the background of the panel, which is a good fit for LED lamps. Execution of this method causes the lamps to light up and the light shadow space to surround the whole panel in a modern way.


Uses of metal panels

The metal sign in the guide model is one of the most widely used items, so it is a good option for office, commercial and passage passages. These signs are also used for public buildings. Metal panels are so widely used that they are designed and used as guide boards in different floors of a building, emergency exit boards, boards that are knocked on the rooms, as well as in nominal models and pendants.

Traffic signs are also made of metal. In general, these signs are also used for airports, railways and banks and have their own approach.

Conditions for installing metal panels with L-bases, cylindrical steel bases, installation with chains, installation with double-sided adhesives, as well as installation with liquid adhesive. Installation of these bases can also be seen with bolts and dowels, which have good resistance.



What is a metal panel?

As the name implies, this panel is made of metal, which depending on the customer’s order and the project environment, the metal used can be brass, galvanized, copper, iron, zinc or steel. Metal billboards are a type of billboard, such as Chelnium billboards can include edging and embossing. Metal embossed letters are designed on this board. Non-steel materials usually change color or turbidity over time, but steel has created unique changes in the world of metal panels.


Features of a variety of metal panels

One of the famous models of metal panels in the form of light is Andric. In this method of panel making, in fact, a space is created between the letters and the background of the panel, which is a good fit for LED lamps. Execution of this method causes the lamps to light up and the light shadow space to surround the whole panel in a modern way.

There is another type of metal panel that is in the form of plastic . In this method, plastic letters are used so that the edges are made of metal and there are conditions for uniform lighting and the installation position of these panels is very good .

Another option is metal neon signs, which use the neon method to build and require a careful assessment of the position of the sign.

Punched boards can be punched, and punching the edges of metal embossed letters can provide a very attractive effect for the boards.

The ring panel is made of stainless steel and can be applied and implemented in combination with steel rims and Plexiglas rims .


Advantages of metal panels

One of the most important advantages of a metal panel is its low price. In fact, if you are going to consider the best advertising aspect for your shop or workplace at a low cost, metal boards are the best option and are considered the best option compared to Chelnium.

Measuring and measuring the position of metal panels is very accurate and its installation is provided even in a small space. In general, the installation of these panels is such that the conditions for transfer and movement are provided.

Another advantage is that there is a lot of variety in the metal used so that one can use the metal in combination to improve the appearance of the painting.

The use of wide colors and lighting for Chelnium boards is such that it can have a special level of execution, and of course, these boards also have their own approach in terms of font and font thickness.


Steps of making metal panels

There are three steps to making a metal panel. In the first step, the position of the panel should be measured so that the position of the panel is measured and the installation location is specified.

It is full of measurements and in the second stage, there is a need for design software that should highlight a series of designs based on the position of the letters and also adjust the position of the fonts.

The third step is to show the plan to the employer so that he can reach the desired position. Laser cutting machines are one of the most important applications for metal panels and sometimes CNC machines are also used. There are also special hand scissors in the field of painting.


Price of metal panels

Since many questions are asked about the price of metal panels, in this section we would like to talk about the parameters that affect the price of metal panels. In general, the price of metal panels is cheaper than Chelnium panels and vacuum panels, so it is a good option for those who want a medium cost. The size and area considered for metal panels is very important.

The material used is important in the final price, so the steel used is more expensive than other metals. The brand of metals as well as the SMD lamps used also affect the final price of the panel. Another issue to consider. The letters used are in terms of diameter, thickness and height. The content to be inserted on the board is evaluated in terms of environment meter.

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