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led Channel Letter Embossed lettering


Nowadays, according to different tastes and ideas, there is a great variety in making signs and embossing letters, and due to the key role of advertising in attracting customers, the embossed lettering industry has become more specialized than before. Professional and active sign makers and panel makers are looking to learn the latest methods of making billboards and will inevitably synchronize their knowledge with international standards .


In the not so distant past, due to the limitations and lack of variety in the materials of billboards; It offered applicants with few choices to build.


In the meantime, undoubtedly one of the developments of the panel industry; The lettering is embossed and embossed with chelnium. Because after the import of this material to Iran; The embossed letters of led Channel Letter and then the embossed letters of  Glass were welcomed, and this caused a new change in the painting of shop entrances and, consequently, the faces of cities.


What is led Channel Letter:

led Channel Letter is a type of alloy that is very resistant to environmental factors and does not easily lose its color in the sun or rain.

The surface of led Channel Letter is made of Plexiglas made in Taiwan, which is available in different colors and is used in Chelnium letters by customers.


Color and size:

The color and size are different, but the most original and famous is available with the well-known brand Alorapid.

The most used colors in our country are steel (silver), black, and gold.

There are other types of this board with other brands, each of which has its own advantages.


Panel lighting:

SMD and LED lamps are used inside the letters of  Channel.

SMD is more suitable than LED because it is bright and waterproof.

One of the most important parts of the light panel is that more care must be taken when lighting. Low power consumption, proper light distribution, less blackout, easy installation.

The main product of led Channel Letter is thicker and its letters are strong after it is made, so in the making of led Channel Letter for larger letters, the main edge is used.


The color of the original Chelnium letters is completely resistant to heat and light and does not change and stays shiny.


Advantages of making led Channel Letter panel:

Appropriate light size and customer attraction

Proper appearance and value creation because of this appearance

Avoid rusting the board because of its material


Durability of boards

Another type of led Channel Letter sheet has been introduced to the panel market for several years, commonly known as led Channel Letter.

In short, in addition to illuminating through the surface (Plexiglas), led Channel Letter also transmits light from the side.


A few tips about led Channel Letter:

The use of these prominent letters is more in places with low height.

Letter Max is one of the most expensive embossed letters in terms of price.

The main manufacturer of Max edge lettering is Taiwan.

Of course, before that, there were embossed letters with thin metal sheets, which due to its low quality, this type of embossed letters was out of the market.



Advantages and characteristics of Chanelium:

Chelnium sheet has a very high quality and strength and is resistant to sunlight , heat and cold and will not easily change shape and color. Forgive. Another advantage of the edge of Chelnium is the dusty sponge tape, which the manufacturer has designed and considered well, the presence of which prevents dust and water from entering the letters of Chanelium. The edge of the chelnium has a protective coating made of nylon, which will remain shiny until the letters are made and installed, and this prevents scratches and scratches on the chelnium material, and at the end of the work, it is easily removed by the installer.

It should be noted that this protective cover must be removed after installation, otherwise after a few days of exposure to sunlight and heat, it will be a little difficult to remove the chelnium sheet.


Types of chelnium sheets:

Chelnium sheets are available in 7, 9 and 11 cm sizes with mercury colors (silver chelnium), mirror (golden chelnium) and black chelnium.

After Spain, Taiwan did not miss this initiative and produced and marketed a similar product under the Aluband brand, which is also a good brand in its kind. After Taiwan, China surpassed all competitors in the production of this product, even the main manufacturer, Spain, and launched different chelniums with all kinds of brands and brands.

Some of the Chinese brands of Chanelium are: Alushine, Alutape, etc., the types of which are found in abundance in our country today, and its number is increasing every day.

MCI company introduced the name of this product with Alurapid brand, which is also available in our country with the same name and its price is more expensive than other similar products , one of the ways to distinguish this product from other companies Making Chelnium is the engraving of the brand name of this product (Alurapid) as well as the country of manufacture (Made in Spain) on the inside of the edge of Chelnium .

Differences between Chelnium materials: (Differences between Chinese Chelnium and Original Chelnium)

Unfortunately or fortunately! There are significant differences between the material of Chinese and original Chelnium paintings. The edges of the main chelniums are thick and the letters have good strength and stability after construction, especially large letters; That is why Aftab, an experienced painter, uses the original Chelnium sheets to make Chanelium letters with the size of a pen diameter and large font.

The color of the main chelnium sheets is constant in the face of sunlight and climate change over the years and does not change color and will always remain shiny.

But the thickness of porcelain chelnium sheets is small, and this is so thin in some winners that they are deformed or perforated with the slightest pressure, instead it is very easy for the letter maker to work with, and from these sheets for Small letters can be used, in which case the narrowness of the cannula does not create a special case.


This section deals with the physical structure of Chelnium embossed letters:

When the letters of a painting are implemented in a vector graphics program (VECTOR) such as Coreldrow, Illustrator, or Autocad in terms of font, size, and thickness, the design is on acrylic or Plexiglas sheets. Plexi glass, which has different colors and a thickness of 1 to 20 mm, is lasered by a CNC machine.

After the desired design is cut by a laser device, we carefully glue the edge of the chelnium around the plexiglass. In panel constructions that use the Chelnium machine, the steps of bending, arching and grooving on the edge of the Chelnium are performed by the machine in a computer according to the designed file. In paintings that are not equipped with Chelnium making machine or do not want to use it in Persian letters, especially broken lines such as Nastaliq, the steps of bending the arches and grooves are done by the skilled master of Chelnium Kar, with the precision and art of the master. .


Learning to make Chelnium letters

After preparing the edges of the letters and the edge of the chelnium, we fix it on the iron table with special magnets, fix it and absorb each other, and stick the chelnium sheet to the plexiglass using instant glue or 123 glue and spray. After making the letters Chelnium, it is time to substructure these letters, for which PVC sheets with a thickness of 8 and 10 mm are used (standard dimensions of the PVC sheet are 120-240 cm.) PVC sheet against water, sun, It is resistant to heat and cold and will not change state, and for this reason, it is very useful for substructing the letters of Chelnium. The letters made of chelnium are placed on a PVC sheet and circled around it with a pencil, and the letters are cut with a chainsaw in such a way that inside the letters of chelnium; Easily fit under the dust bar. Then the lighting part inside the Chelnium, which uses SMD SMD, is installed in its place at a reasonable distance, which we will explain in detail in this regard.


LED lamps; A change in the lighting system of panel buildings

LED stands for Light Emitting Diode, which means light emitting diode. Light emitting diodes are actually part of the diode family, which is also a subset of semiconductors. A feature that distinguishes LEDs from other semiconductors is that some energy is emitted as light as current passes through them.

These lamps, which were originally used more as a red light inside electronic devices, have been able to take their place in the lighting and panel industry due to their lower power consumption than other lamps, very long life and new manufacturing technology in other colors. Open in the world.

In the eighties, LED lamps entered the advertising industry, especially billboards, which were said to be made in Korea, Taiwan and China, where China is the leader in this field, as usual, and was a good start in this regard.

Branched LEDs quickly replaced neon bulbs inside plastic letters. At first, these branched LEDs looked better than neon bulbs, but they were not without their drawbacks because they were both waterproof and Plexiglas; They created bright spots of light (so-called light shadows).

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