One way to promote your start-up business is to advertise. By using correct and principled advertisements, your goods or services will be known among people in a short period of time. This recognition will increase the sales of your products or services, and this is what business managers are looking for. One of the simplest, most accessible, cheapest and most effective advertising methods; Use the board. Panels can be used for both indoor and outdoor environments. Of course, in terms of design and production of panels for open and closed environment, there are differences that we will mention in this article.


Why billboards ?!

Surely you have ever been to busy places such as bus or subway stations; You’ve seen the big billboards and billboards that caught your eye. These boards are designed in such a way that they can capture the audience’s gaze in a few seconds and convey the message and concept that they have in them. The use of billboards, even for small shops and stores, as a billboard has so many benefits that it can persuade all managers to use it. The first and most important advantage of a billboard is that it is permanent. By spending only once to design and produce the sign, but you use its benefits to attract customers and sell products and services, for a long time.

The second advantage that you get from ordering a modern and beautiful painting is attracting customers. Today, people usually go to stores with modern and contemporary decorations to meet their needs. The presence of a modern and beautiful billboard with an extremely subconscious lighting creates the feeling in the audience that he has stepped into a prestigious place. Eventually, this sense of trust leads to customer loyalty to that store and increases the likelihood that the customer will go there again to shop. So you see how having a signboard affects your success.

Although the benefits of a billboard go beyond these two, by now you should have realized that having a billboard to introduce your product or service should be one of your first steps in advertising. Because it is both affordable and introduces your brand to others. You can then use other advertising methods such as billboards or other urban advertising methods.


Differences between outdoor and indoor environmental panels

When you go to billboard to order a billboard; You are faced with the question of where the panel is to be installed. Because considering the space related to the installation of the panel is involved in its design and production. Signs that are installed in open spaces; They will not have restrictions such as lack of light. These boards have no particular problem for display during the day and can be easily seen. Embossed panels or steel panels are usually used for such spaces. Because this example of paintings is because of the embossed letters or gloss; They reflect sunlight and attract more attention.

There is less light in closed environments than in open environments. For this reason, it is better to use bright boards in such places. Using a two-way lightbox is one of the best choices in this area. Lightbox, which means light box, is mostly used in subway stations and closed spaces. The lightbox can be one-sided or two-sided. The two-way lightbox has light from both sides and can be very suitable and practical for advertising in such spaces. It seems necessary to consider the following in the field of design and construction of paintings:




The important thing in installing panels for indoor spaces is lighting. Existence of bright boards with appropriate graphic images makes the audience look at the board and receive its message in a short time.


Choose the right place

Apart from lighting, it is also important to choose the place of installation or installation of the sign and it should be appropriate to the angle of view of people and their traffic route. These places are usually where the audience enters or exits or waits. If a painting has a great design and is made of the best materials but is not in the right place; It will not be worth much. Because what is at stake is the use of the sign.



It is safe to say that the design of a signboard is the basis for attracting customers. A creative design that contains a message for the viewer can greatly attract the customer’s attention. Recommended in sign design for any business; Use a logo or small graphic images that symbolize a business. For example, a sign made to introduce a restaurant; Without a sign of eating, it is not a complete sign. A small image of a spoon and fork or an image of a food full of color, glaze and appetizing can complete the design of such a painting. Panels for both outdoor and indoor should primarily meet customer needs; Something that can be understood at a glance. So a designer; With his rich taste and creative power; It can create unique designs that are definitely effective in selling goods and services.

Panels designed for open and closed spaces can be displayed in two and three dimensions. Billboards can be considered as a type of large billboards that are very suitable for outdoor use. Billboards have the ability to be seen from a distance on the main streets and highways, and to convey the message and design they contain to the audience. So what matters in billboard design; The speed of message transmission and the quality of message transmission to the audience.

If you are planning to order a special painting for outdoor or indoor, it is better to refer to a reputable and experienced panel maker in the first place. As mentioned in this article; Lighting is an important issue in the design and construction of panels for indoor spaces.



The fact that advertising is a prerequisite for success in a business; It is an undeniable fact. If you are ready to offer the best products or services but no one knows you; You lost the game. Introducing yourself to others is the first step in attracting customers and success. Fortunately, advertising methods are so diverse that anyone with any budget can reap the benefits. One of the cheapest ways to advertise is to use a billboard. In many cases, the budget you spend on designing and building a modern billboard; It is not considered a cost and it is a kind of investment. Capital that you can use for a long time to be profitable.


How does a billboard attract investment?

If you think you have wasted your money ordering a billboard; You are sorely mistaken. Using billboards to introduce your new business is not only a cost; It is an investment in your goals. Although among all the advertising methods, this cost is not visible at all, but it is better to know that even with this small cost, you can benefit from their positive aspect in attracting customers for years. The most important advantage of billboards; To be seen. In this way, you can constantly expose your ads to the public for a one-time fee. Of course, the way the sign is designed and made is also effective in attracting people’s attention, and it should be such that it stays in the customer’s mind even once seen.


What are the benefits of billboards?

If you have come across titles such as city paintings, exhibition paintings and shop paintings ; We must say that the design and construction of all these paintings are the same in terms of generalities, but from a psychological point of view, we must pay attention to their design aspect and design and produce each painting in accordance with the place where it is to be installed . Here are some of the benefits you can get from ordering a billboard :

Recognition: The first and most important benefit you get; Getting to know you. By doing this, you are telling others what your business is or what services you provide. You can do this with just a few words and engrave a creative design. Of course, billboards such as billboards can also contain messages that the audience is aware of at first glance.

Beauty and decoration: an important topic that is addressed in the painting industry; How is the lighting. The more creative and beautiful this work is, the more audience it will attract. The fact is that people today to buy their necessities; Most prefer to go to places that are modern and up to date. Having a beautiful and glamorous subconscious billboard conveys a good feeling to the audience.

Cost-effectiveness: The design and construction of billboards is less expensive than other methods of advertising, and this can be an important reason for the popularity of billboards.

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