Billboards and their impact on business

Billboards and their impact on business

Undoubtedly, one of the best and most important methods used for advertising is billboards. These boards help you to easily introduce the brand name and the services you can provide to everyone. Billboards usually have two specific uses.

Signs that are installed on the head in shops. They represent your profession and business. These boards are a kind of identity card and your identity.

There are other types of billboards that are placed in the form of billboards, or advertisements in busy areas. Cold signs in hypermarkets, malls, crowded environments, cinemas, etc. are essentially billboards.

These boards intend to introduce you to the audience and in this way try to attract customers. We must say that these billboards are of great importance. Because the beauty and design of billboards is effective in better advertising.

So for this purpose, a skilled panel maker must know where to use what color and design. To attract more customers to you. So billboards can be considered as one of the most important winning cards for you.


Types of billboards and their special effects

There are usually different types of billboards. Including embossed letter boards, thermowood boards, lightbox boards, composite boards, flexi boards and…. Each of these boards has special and unique features, and of course we must say that each one is specific to a specific place.

Depending on where you are and what brand you are going to use to advertise, you need to know what kind of signage to use. One of the best and most widely used billboards is letter boards.

This series of paintings has received a lot of attention due to its stylish and modern appearance. These embossed letters, which are made of different materials, are placed together in a suitable place. To show the desired design of the panel maker. Billboards decorate embossed letters with light in some cases.

This method makes the painting more attractive and attractive. The type of foot chosen or the material used for the embossed letters in these paintings is important.

Another type of billboard is flexi billboards. These billboards can be considered as one of the most cost-effective billboards. In terms of similarity, this type of sign can be considered similar to banners. But there is a difference in these paintings.

The banners are made of fabric and do not transmit any light. But flex panels can pass light due to their flex material. For this reason, this billboard is used on storefronts, billboards, company boards, and so on.

On the other hand, there are billboards that are installed indoors instead of outdoors. Like corporate signboards. Panels that are installed on roofs also have their own characteristics and are generally made of steel.

All of these billboards are part of the billboards used in the world. We have a great variety of panels in the panel industry.



Outdoor panels

One of the most important tools in the world of advertising, which has a great impact on attracting customers and audiences, is billboards and billboards that are exposed to the eyes of the audience. Are known as outdoor environments.

These boards attract the audience due to their visual effect and also cause identification and credibility.

Exterior billboards and panels include Chelnium embossed panels, steel embossed panels, neon plastic and flexi panels and LED panels.

The main purpose of making and ordering billboards in the outdoor environment is to introduce a specific organization or service or product, and the quality and beauty of billboards can create a good initial mentality for your customers (or users).

Metal letter boards, composite letter boards, lightboxes, vacuum boards and Plexiglas are other products of our advertising company that are common between domestic and foreign boards.

Quality is the most important factor in Company. Therefore, in designing the paintings of group, quality metal sheets are used along with quality paints, which increases the quality and durability of the paintings.


How to make a billboard

There are no complicated steps in making a painting. But if a sign maker does not have enough skills in this field, he may get into trouble. The first step in making a billboard is to design it. AutoCAD and Curl software are special software in the field of panel design.

In this step, you must specify the type of font selected, the desired size, the thickness of the letters in the table and other items. Once your final design is ready, design it on sheets of Plexiglas. These sheets are transparent like plastic and glass and are produced in different colors.

After that, you have to draw the desired design on the sheet with a laser. We can easily say that this is the easiest step in making a billboard.


The following rules and regulations should apply to all billboards that receive the necessary installation permit.

  1. The surface of the billboard should not be larger than 14 feet equal to 4.27 meters in the vertical dimension (length) and larger than 48 feet equal to 14.64 meters in the horizontal dimension and consists of more than two billboards in each surface and more than two surfaces Be in any structure. When two surface surfaces are in the same structure, their shape and size should be the same and they should be located one after the other (one after the other) and placed in a row vertically and horizontally so that both surface surfaces can not be from any See one point at a time. Beams, various iron beams, pipes and other components of the structure of the billboard should be part of a unique structure. Such boards should have an open space of not less than 10 feet, equivalent to 3.5 meters, between the bottom edge of such boards and the ground surface, which should be left open and free from any obstruction.


  1. No billboard structure shall be inclined to the general right of the road except in the restricted access area created for the highway connection, which may be 200 feet (61 m) equivalent to any other billboard structure, unless a public street is intersected. Between such signs to the right of the path, which should not be less than 40 feet, equivalent to 12.2 meters wide. A billboard painted on a wall, fenced roof should be considered a billboard structure.


  1. The design of outdoor billboards (billboards) that are installed at 660 feet, equivalent to 201.3 meters on the right, must be controlled under the following rules:
  2. The maximum length of the board should be higher than the ground level or the interstate level of each, 40 feet equals 12.2 meters.
  3. No sign should be licensed in the 500-foot strip of 152.2 meters to another outdoor billboard located on the same side of the track.
  4. The design of outdoor billboards must not be licensed within a 500-foot radius of 152.2 meters from the intersection of a mid-intersection or restricted access to a highway.


Factors influencing a good billboard

A good billboard has effective factors. Among the effective factors in the billboard, we can mention its day and night lighting. Where a good sign is to be installed, how much lighting it should have, what kind of lighting it should be used in, and… all are very important.

A skilled sign maker knows what lighting to use on a billboard. In general, billboards made for fast foods should have excellent lighting. To attract customers.

But a billboard for a commercial company does not require special lighting. It needs more graphic design and high quality industrial design. To be able to properly introduce the type of business and services to the customer.

Another effective factor in billboards is the use of quality materials. An excellent and skilled panel maker should know what this panel is made for. What features should it have in order to better engage the audience’s mind? Or what design should be used for it.

All these features help to introduce the sign of a place whose identity is considered correct. So the use of quality materials can be more effective in attracting customers.

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